‘The Sims 4’ Fans Warm Up To New Expansion Pack ‘Get Together’

Reactions are beginning to stream in following EA’s announcement of the next expansion pack in the popular The Sims franchise, and they are more positive than you might expect. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, EA announced the second The Sims 4 expansion pack at Gamescom.

The Sims 4 Get Together is, as the title suggests, themed around group activities. Similar to the previous era expansion pack, The Sims 3 Late Night, The Sims 4 Get Together will add group activities, this time in the form of clubs. Each club will have different behaviors and styles. Get Together will launch with several pre-made clubs, but will also allow players to make custom clubs. Sims can join up to three clubs at a time. Details on the clubs have not been finalized, but during an interview, producers hinted at a foodies club, fitness club, and kids club.


What good is a club with no place to hangout? To satisfy the need of the new clubs mechanic, The Sims 4 Get Together will feature new venues including pubs and natural pools which sims will be able to swim in. The new skills, DJ and dancing, will allow sims to showcase cool tunes and smooth moves in underground nightclubs and discos.

Initial fan reaction to the trailer for The Sims 4 Get Together was mixed after the release of the first official trailer. Fans’ biggest complaints stemmed from a perceived lack of innovation and light content, both common complaints for this era of The Sims franchise.

“So, our sims will be able to hang out with each other, dance, and go to clubs/venues? Pretty sure that’s in the game though already. Oh, but they get to do the same stuff that’s already in the game, in different WAYS.. Totally worth it.”

While other fans were excited for the new European inspired world.

Generally, interviews and blog posts which gave more detail about the complex social nature of The Sims 4 Get Together seemed to win over fans.

“The recently announced expansion pack is starting to grow on me. I like the new ‘club’ feature and how it works. I’m so glad children haven’t been left out. The world looks absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to play it in November. I just wonder whether what will be on the 64×64 lot. Probably the natural pools. “

EA may not have completed work on The Sims 4 Get Together, but there are signs that the development team is already beginning the initial stages of the next expansion pack. SimsVIP shared a survey recently sent to fans of The Sims 4 so that they could weigh in on the next expansion pack. Potential themes include generations, university, and get real, in which sims would become stars of a reality television show. The last time EA Games released an interest survey, the first option on the list of themes for potential expansion packs was careers. Five months later, EA release The Sims 4 Get to Work. The time around, the first listed option is cars, so it may be time to prepare your sims for life as a car enthusiast.

The Sims 4 Get Together launches in November 2015 and will retail for $39.99.

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