Prince Harry On Front Line Against Poachers, Hopes To Save The Rhinos

Prince Harry has joined the front lines against poachers in South Africa, hoping to save the rhinos from bloody massacre. He joins other military personnel who are battling against the rifle and machete wielding killers of the beloved animals.

Prince Harry joined other combatants against poaching in Kruger Park by flying in under secrecy, according to the New Zealand Herald. Joining Operation Corona, Prince Harry hopes to limit the number of poachers who savagely kill the rhinos for fun and for their horns.

Thus far, Prince Harry has joined the estimated 400 armed rangers and 150 other specially trained individuals. Joining the force just Wednesday, Prince Harry’s nightly patrols have already found him face to face with three poachers. During one encounter, a shoot out occurred, resulting in one poacher being injured. It was not reported whether Prince Harry delivered the harming shot.

Harry’s boss, Major General Johan Jooste, shared that Prince Harry is joining in a declaration of war, and they aim to be victorious against the poachers, according to Metro

“This is a declaration of war against South Africa by armed foreign criminals. We are taking the war to these armed bandits and we aim to win it.”

Prince Harry may use his helicopter piloting skills to search for poachers from the air, flying a Gazelle helicopter capable of carrying five passengers and thermal imaging cameras to help spot the poachers in the dead of night. There are also automatic weapons on board, allowing the military personnel to fight from a safer distance.

Alongside the helicopter and ground patrols, drones may also be used to hunt down the poachers and bring them to justice. Dogs are also used to track poachers, allowing multiple methods of combating the illegal killing of rhinos and other potential victims.

Peter Chadwick, a South African Conservationist, is aware of Prince Harry’s involvement and knows that the danger is real, leaving Prince Harry a potential victim of poachers, his royal blood meaning nothing in the thick of battle.

“This is counter-insurgency, an actual war that they are fighting. I know of Prince Harry’s involvement with the anti-poaching unit in Kruger and I know the situation there is no fun and games. You don’t get a chance to sit down and reason with these guys over a cup of tea. It’s all about rapid response and that’s where the helicopters come in. I wouldn’t be surprised if Harry was doing some piloting.”

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

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