WWE Rumors: Hall of Famer Wants To Return To WWE, But Company Doesn’t Want Him

A WWE Hall of Famer wants to return to WWE in some capacity, but he is now tired of asking about it and being turned down. It appears as if the company doesn’t want him, and Animal is just done trying. Yes, the former member of The Road Warriors/Legion of Doom has not gotten a positive response from WWE and appears to be moving on.

According to the Whig, Animal (Joe Laurinaitis) is going to be the guest referee for a match at a Great North Wrestling event in a week. They did a profile on the long-time superstar and asked him about ever returning to WWE for any reason.

It doesn’t look as if that is going to happen.

“I doubt it. I tried to become a coach and give back what I know in this business. How do you have guys coaching guys to be in a Super Bowl who’ve never been in the Super Bowl? If they don’t want anybody who’s been to the big dance coaching the guys, that’s on them.”

Animal went on to say that there is a start-up wrestling company beginning out in Vegas, and it’s called “Revolution.” He said it will be a promotion that is going “back to basic, going back to kayfabe.”

Continuing on without giving away too many details, Animal said it won’t have a six-sided ring like Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling or TNA. He didn’t mention names, but did say that a lot of the guys involved are all former world champs.

It appears as if it will be Classic Wrestling Revolution, which has a lot of info on its Facebook page about Animal and others, such as Ken Shamrock and some possible executives. Looks like Shane Douglas is going to be a big part of it.

Animal did return to WWE shortly in 2006, and then again in 2011 for a very short heel run as a singles competitor. Now, it seems as if his time in WWE as an active performer, trainer, coach, or anything are done.

“I’ll put my talents into that (CWR). I’m not going to spin my wheels and beg to go to WWE anymore. I’m not doing that. I’ve asked long enough, with my brother working there, and not getting a positive response. I’ve never burned a bridge with WWE, so I’m tired of trying, to be quite honest.”

The WWE Hall of Famer has a long wrestling history behind him, and he still wants to have a future in the business, as well. Now, he will have one, but it won’t be with WWE, as they appear done with him and him with them.

[Image via WWE]