Jimmy Fallon, Tom Cruise As You’ve Never Seen Them: Hilarious Lip Sync On ‘Tonight Show’

Jimmy Fallon’s game show-style segments on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon are becoming legendary.

At the very least, they include legendary actors.

In one of his latest segments this week, Fallon battled against Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation star and world-renowned actor Tom Cruise.

Tom and Jimmy squared off with several well-known songs, but their best work came from a well-known melody to end the duet: the Righteous Brothers’ “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.” The song was Fallon’s nod to a memorable scene in Top Gun where Maverick (played by Cruise) attempts to pick up a lady in a bar. Before joining Jimmy Fallon, Cruise sang the song nearly three decades ago with wingman Goose.

During the duet, one lucky female in the front row gained the duo’s attention, and both Jimmy Fallon and his wingman were on bended knee trying to woo the girl. A kiss on the hand from Cruise followed with Jimmy blowing into her ear and caressing her hair was enough to send the audience into hysterics. After the duet, Jimmy joyously declared his opponent the winner of the challenge.

Was it a fun moment filled with nostalgia or a clever marketing ploy to tease Top Gun 2? Rumors have circulated that Cruise is down with a revival of the nearly 30-year-old classic movie, and according to Pedestrian, the song and overall performance could serve as another way to increase the anticipation about the potential film.

Cruise certainly toyed with songs from his past hit movies on Jimmy Fallon’s show. A piano playing the familiar chords Tom danced to in Risky Business had fans – and Jimmy Fallon himself – in a frenzy in addition to the duet from Top Gun.

Fallon’s show has been a battleground for lip syncs in the past. Promoting their 2015 movie Get Hard, actors Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart performed with Jimmy Fallon in another memorable battle this year. Since at least 2013, Fallon has been airing segments of lip syncs sporadically on his show, with well-known actors and actresses stopping by to promote their next theatrical performance.

Cruise wasn’t the only actor from Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation making his way to Fallon’s show to promote the upcoming movie. Simon Pegg also visited Jimmy Fallon that week, discussing his interaction on the set with Tom. According to Entertainment Weekly, Pegg said he was pranked numerous times by the Top Gun star using the heat button on his car’s seat as a way to torture him.

[Photo: Theo Wargo/NBC / Getty Images]