Ben Affleck Ring Tries To Outshine Ouzounian Pregnancy & Affair Rumors That Caused Jennifer Garner To Split [Video]

Ben Affleck donned his wedding ring amid multiple rumors about his children’s now-ex nanny. As reports spread that Ben’s affair with the nanny caused Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s pending divorce, Ben reunited with his family. And through it all, Affleck’s ring definitely glistened, reported the Daily Mail.

The Affleck wedding ring sighting came after Ben headed to Atlanta, where Garner is filming a new movie and their three children are residing with their mom. Affleck took two of his little ones, 3-year-old Samuel and 6-year-old Seraphina to a fun day out with their daddy, and that’s when Ben’s wedding band was noticeable.

But ironically, even as Affleck’s ring was sighted, rumors are spreading that ex-nanny Christine Ouzounian is pregnant. That’s the buzz as Ben’s and Garner’s divorce announcement continues to reverberate, reported E! News.

Affleck allegedly had an affair with Ouzounian that resulted in a pregnancy.

But an insider denies all those reports about the reason for Garner and Affleck’s divorce.

“They have children together. They talk all the time,” stated the source of all those rumors.

What happens to Ben’s and Jennifer’s children? Affleck and Garner plan to co-parent, simplifying the goal by placing Ben in his own home on their California property.

But Ouzounian is stirring up the scandal by alleging that she and Ben had an affair. Affleck’s spokesperson denied that claim and went so far as to threaten a lawsuit.

So, how is Jennifer reacting to Nannygate? Garner is furious, even as she attempts to concentrate from her temporary home in Atlanta for her role in Miracles From Heaven.

And despite the uproar, Ben is residing in a guest home on the same property as Jennifer’s rented home.

But all those denials were contradicted when photos circulated showing Ouzounian (who didn’t appear to be visibly pregnant) paying a visit to Ben in Los Angeles. Adding even more credence to her claims was the sight of the nanny in Affleck’s Lexus.

As the Inquisitr reported, Jennifer’s reasons for ending the marriage went beyond allegations of cheating. Garner, 43, also could no longer tolerate Ben’s gambling and partying, said multiple sources. And when Affleck, 42, seemed unable to change his lifestyle, Jennifer decided it was time to call it quits after 10 years of trying to make their marriage work.

But Ben did try to do what he could to be a good father, said one source.

“[Affleck] was a family man when he could be,” the buddy said in Ben’s defense. “And his kids adore him. He traveled a lot, but when he is with the kids, he’s really with them. And there is nothing more important to Jen than being a good mom.”

However, Ben still is trying to reunite with Jennifer, according to People.

Affleck, Garner, and the kids enjoyed a movie and lunch together in Atlanta over the weekend.

And as noted, Affleck sported his wedding ring during the visit. In addition to the face-to-face reunion, Affleck and Garner have been chatting, despite the challenges.

“They are still getting through and doing their own stuff and taking care of the kids, but it’s not easy on them,” said an insider.

Although Ben continues to deny the reports of an affair with 28-year-old Ouzounian, Garner viewed it was “the final straw.”

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]