Donald Trump Would Put Carl Icahn In Treasury Chief Role

Already appointing cabinet members as if he’s won the race, Donald Trump is preparing to appoint billionaire hedge fund guru Carl Icahn into a role fit for his expertise – treasury chief. After the highly publicized GOP debate on Thursday went as expected with Trump again taking center stage, it appears Icahn is willing to accept the GOP candidate’s offer.

Just several weeks ago, the 79-year old billionaire had declined Trump’s offer for whatever reason. Icahn, famous for nearly forcing tech companies to restructure, was somewhat taken aback by Trump’s Treasury Chief role, but his willingness to go along with Trump surprised everyone who knows the situation more intimately. Although Trump hasn’t officially formed an economic plan of attack, he’ll count on his business stability and job creation talents to get him through the toughest parts of debating. He’s even stressed he’ll “straighten out” America’s trillion dollar national debt, and has made it clear Obamacare would receive an overhaul for the ages – both of which are areas where Icahn could provide guidance and planning.

While Trump’s campaign stats are rising by the week, Icahn’s funds are falling. Icahn’s stock, Icahn Enterprises (IEP), has tumbled 17 percent since January, right on the heels of 2014 abysmal stock performance which saw his shares get shaved by 30 percent. As 44 percent of Americas place economic impact atop their biggest needs list, putting someone in charge of our country’s treasury with a history of bold moves could jeopardize the financial fabric which Obama was destined to sew – but has failed.

Donald Trump is neither an advocate of minimum wage increases, nor a fan of rich folks getting by with slimmer tax rates. Since he’s already stated he’d prefer putting Wall Street heads in charge of turning our national economy around, putting Icahn in charge could actually be of incredible benefit to Americans. Raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour would destroy 500,000 jobs, yet would lift millions of United States’ poorer urban families out of financial oppression.

Even after the presidential debate, which many thought painted Trump into corners, the real estate magnate has sustained his lead in polls. In fact, his misogynist commentary and no-holds barred approach to backlashes received from opposition seems to be increasing his lead in many preliminary polls. His approach to restoring American values, including the highly touted immigration reform subject, would make him the perfect candidate. Which means Icahn, who loves controversial subjects and knows the financial industry better than most, would make the perfect Treasury Chief.

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