NASA’s Curiosity Rover Photographs UFO Drone Flying In The Martian Atmosphere

YouTube UFO hunter Streetcap1 has identified a UFO drone flying in the Martian atmosphere in a photo snapped by NASA’s Curiosity rover.

According to the prolific UFO hunter, the black UFO that appears in the sky over the Curiosity rover could easily be mistaken as an incidental black speck or blob in the photo. But closer inspection reveals that it has a definite structure, suggestive of an object of artificial design rather than a natural object or an artifact of photography technology.

UFO Drone In The Martian Sky

Streetcap1 argues that additional evidence that the object is not an incidental blob in the photo comes from the fact that it appears in two separate photos taken by the Mars rover. This suggests that the UFO was a drone hovering in the sky above, inspecting the rover from above as the rover photographed it.

“This looked like a blob until I rotated it 90 degrees, then it looked more interesting. It appears on two photos.”

The source photo from NASA’s website is shown above and may be viewed in NASA’s archives here and here.

UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring also notes that close-ups of the UFO reveal a structure suggestive of artificial design.

“Another unidentified flying object flew past the Mars rover a few days ago. Streetcap1 was carefully going over Mars rover photos. The object he found has many right angles and does not look like it could be an animal or insect.”

The discovery comes soon after anomaly hunters reported sighting a levitating sphere in a Curiosity rover photo of the Martian surface. Some anomaly hunters speculated that the sphere was an alien probe conducting scientific studies of the Martian surface.

Waring argues that frequent sightings of UFOs and artifacts of alien technology on the Red Planet is evidence of life on Mars.

Close-up Shows Alien Drone Over Mars

“Yes, Mars has life, NASA just doesn’t want to leak it out, or China and Russia will be in a hurry to get there and claim to own the land.”

The Inquisitr reported in July that Mars anomaly hunters Mars Moon Space Photo Zoom Club (MMSPZC) claimed evidence of a massive alien structure in photos of the Martian surface, snapped by the HIRISE camera aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO).

In May, Mars anomaly hunters reported sighting a UFO abandoned on the Martian surface.

However, some Mars anomaly hunters do not insist that there is presently life on Mars, but that the planet hosted a technologically advanced civilization millions of years ago.

The civilization, according to Mars anomaly hunters, was destroyed by massive nuclear bombs detonated by a hostile alien race.

[Images: NASA; UFO Sightings Daily]

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