Phone Wars: iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs HTC One M9

The iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, and the HTC One M9 are dominating the smartphone wars, and more and more users are thinking: which smartphone is the best and wisest to buy?

TheInquisitr previously pitted the iPhone 6 against Google’s new smartphone on the market, the Nexus 6, but what about the Samsung Galaxy 6 and the HTC One M9, which are just as competitive as the two? If you’re thinking of upgrading your last season’s iPhone 5 or your ancient (in terms of tech timeline) Samsung Galaxy S5, what is the best option between this season’s top phones? Should you get the iPhone 6, the Samsung Galaxy S6, or the HTC One M9?


The trend now is the bigger your phone, the better. While many subscribers are in it for the better gameplay or just because a bigger screen is easier to use, the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, and the HTC One M9 all boasts of a huge HD screen display and top-of-the-line design. Those going for the tallest of them all should consider the One M9, since it’s the tallest, with a height of 144.6mm. Running right behind the One M9 is the Samsung Galaxy S6, at 143mm, and the iPhone 6 stands at 138mm. Those who are very conscious of weight, the iPhone 6 is the “biggest loser” at 129g against the Samsung Galaxy S6 at 138g, and the One M9 at 157g. But while many consider lighter phones to be more efficient to carry around, one must take note that heavier phones are proven to withstand drops better.

The iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, and the One M9 are all very sleek in design, but when it comes to color variety, hooray for the One M9 for going bolder with Gray, Gold, Silver/Rose gold, and Gold/Pink options, compared to Samsung Galaxy S6’s usual White, Black, Gold, and Blue colors, and iPhone 6’s conservative Space Gray, Silver, and Gold.


When it comes to display, Samsung Galaxy 6 continues to be at the forefront with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, the highest of all smartphones. The One M9 is not too bad, either, at 1080×1920 pixels, and iPhone 6 is at a sad 750×1334 pixels, albeit still a huge improvement from the previous iPhone 5. Samsung Galaxy S6 continues to boast of the most vivid and advanced screen displays, inherited from previous Samsung units.

Battery Life

Everyone is concerned about how long their smartphones can withstand the daily grind, and according to GSMArena reports, the iPhone 6 and the HTC One M9 are just about head-to-head, with 61 hours and 62 hours, respectively. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is still the winner for this one, with a battery life of 73 hours, measured using the GSM Arena endurance test. It is also good to note that both the One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 have ultra-fast charging technologies, something that the iPhone 6 should consider in the future.


Selfie quality is a huge decision-maker when it comes to purchasing a smartphone and in theory, the One M9 is the best of the bunch, with a rear camera of 20 megapixels and front camera of 4 megapixels. Samsung Galaxy 6 has a better front camera, with 5 megapixels, but a slightly lower rear camera of 16 megapixels. The iPhone 6, while only at 8 megapixels rear and 1.2 megapixels front, is still most commonly preferred by selfie-lovers since it produces “prettier” looking results compared to most cameras. But when it comes to the crispness, low light performance, and overall camera quality, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is really the best out there, Business Spectator reports, based on their ultimate camera shootout.


Ultimately, the price still says a lot about the smartphone and how well it will be received by the market. The iPhone 6 is still the most expensive smartphone out there, with a ballpark price of $749 to $949, depending on the size of the internal storage. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is more affordable at a retail price of around $649, and the HTC One M9 could be purchased for around $599, depending on the provider.

Overall, there are perks and disadvantages to the iPhone 6, the Samsung Galaxy S6, and the HTC One M9, but it still ultimately depends on what the user needs, wants, and could afford. So, which of these top-of-the-line smartphones will you most likely purchase? The iPhone 6, the Samsung Galaxy S6, or the HTC One M9? You be the judge.

[Image via Samsung, Apple, and HTC]