‘The Voice’ Returns With New Contestants And New Relationship Statuses — Is the Curse Real?

I admit it, I am a competition show lover. To be specific, I love the music competition shows. To be more specific, I love The Voice. What’s not to love? Blind auditions, raw talent, judges saying, “I want you.” It’s every person’s dream. It also appears to end celebrity relationships. One small hiccup in the grand scheme of things, right?

In the last month alone, three celebrities associated with the show have filed for divorce. Gwen Stefani is the newest victim of the alleged curse. A power couple for the past 20 years, Gwen filed for divorce from husband Gavin Rossdale in what could be described as a shocking and sad turn of events. In as late as February of 2015, Gwen told People Magazine that she was lucky to still be with Rossdale. It’s always sad when a couple ends a marriage, but it somehow seems worse when no one sees it coming.

Gwen and Gavin - The Voice
Gwen Stefani told Us Weekly that she and her husband Gavin Rossdale fought while working together on The Voice. Image via usmagazine.com Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Could the curse just be considered a curse because of the three recent divorces? Maybe, although there have been at least 11 celebrity couples who were a part of the show in some way that have seen their relationship crumble after. There was Robin Thicke and Paula Patton (though that one may not have blindsided us as much as the others). Together for 21 years, all it took was one mentoring appearance on The Voice and two years for Paula to file for divorce. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin were separated when Chris made his appearance, but it was after that a divorce was filed for. Jewel and Ty Murray were together for 6 years, but two years after Jewel mentored on The Voice, they called it quits. They aren’t all marriages, either. Taylor Swift and Harry Styles were together prior to The Voice, but after the appearance, things went sour. Coincidence? Of course, it could be said that they were young, and the break-up fueled song material on both ends. There was also Ellie Goulding and her beau, and Nick Jonas and his girl.

If we’re going to acknowledge this curse, maybe we should also acknowledge the relationship goodness that has come out of the show, as well. Adam Levine wed Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo last year. It should be noted that he was previously labeled as a notorious ladies man and not someone likely to get married. Fellow judge Pharrell Williams also married Heather Lasichanh (although he lost a relationship at the start of his run on The Voice) in 2014. Two incidences of happy relationships doesn’t necessarily erase the 11 unhappy relationships, but it doesn’t hurt, either.

Does this all equal a curse, or is it more of misery loves company? Dr. Cooper Lawrence told The New York Post, “Divorce can actually be contagious.” We hope the ending of relationships ends with Gwen and Gavin, but we’ll just have to tune into The Voice and keep an eye on the gossip columns to be sure.

Season 9 of The Voice will begin airing in September of this year with Pharrell Williams, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Gwen Stefani returning as judges. Make sure to watch!

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