‘Breaking Bad’ Killers Dispose Of Dead Body The Jesse Pinkman And Walter White Way

Four Breaking Bad killers between the ages of 19 and 23 were arrested in connection with the murder of 23-year-old Eva Bourseau.

According to the Local, the dismembered and decomposing body of Bourseau was discovered on Monday inside her Toulouse, France, flat. A police source stated that the legs of the victim have been cut off to make her fit inside a container. Authorities speculate that Eva has been dead for 10 days.

In connection with the case, four suspects, three men and a woman, were arrested for the crime. These four suspects are now known as the Breaking Bad killers, as the way they tried to get rid of the body was just like the idea of characters Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) and Walter White (Bryan Cranston) when they had to dispose of a corpse in an episode of Breaking Bad.

International Business Times reports that the Breaking Bad killers used hydrofluoric acid, a highly corrosive acid, to dissolve the body and bones of the victim.

In a Season 1 episode of Breaking Bad, Pinkman and White disposed of Emilio Koyama’s corpse by using hydrofluoric acid to melt the remains. However, Pinkman neglected to use a plastic container as instructed and used a bathtub instead. The acid dissolved through the bathtub, which was on the second floor of the home, leaving the melted remains of the victim in a splattered mess on the first floor when the acid tore through the bathroom floor.

In Season 4 of Breaking Bad, hydrofluoric acid was again used to dissolve the body of Victor, and they were successful the second time as they used a plastic barrel.

Hydrofluoric acid was again used in Season 5 of Breaking Bad to dispose the body of a young boy who was shot as he was a witness of a crime that was being committed.

The Breaking Bad killers reportedly murdered Bourseau over a €6,000 drug debt. Reports indicate that Bourseau mixed in with the wrong crowd after dropping out of school. She was beaten to death and dismembered, and the Breaking Bad killers placed her body in a container to dissolve the body parts. The Breaking Bad killers reportedly went back to the flat days after killing Borseau to clean the flat, check the progress of decomposition, and put fresheners to mask the stench. The investigation on this Breaking Bad case is ongoing.

This isn’t the first Breaking Bad crime to be reported this year. As the Inquisitr reported, a Breaking Bad fan tried to purchase ricin to allegedly start a terrorist attack.

Ricin, like hydrofluoric acid, was seen throughout the seasons of Breaking Bad.

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