Upside Down House Becomes Austrian Tourist Attraction [Video]

Two Polish architects, Marek Rozhanski and Irek Glowacki, designed an upside down house as a tourist attraction in the western Austrian village of Tertens.

Not only is the house upside down on the exterior, the interior is inverted too. The bathroom, children’s bedroom, and even the garage are all upside down.

Virtually every aspect of the inverted abode appears to be flipped upside down. Even the foundation can be seen on what would traditionally be considered the roof, or top of the home.

Throughout the years, there have been those who pondered similar creations which usually entailed the nailing of furniture to the ceiling. Strangely, this is not the first time a structure of this type has been concocted.

An upside down laboratory, WonderWorks in Orlando, F.L., is a popular tourist attraction in the sunshine state. Additionally, Sakasa restaurant in Japan is also upside down. Even the fixtures and sign board are inverted at the Japanese restaurant.

Glowacki and Rozanski, the two Polish architects who designed the silly house, allocated eight months towards the construction of the home at Terfens-Vomperbach, Tyrol.

The interesting house, which was created as a tourist attraction, is currently open for public viewing.

Similar in some capacity to the upside down mountain in France, the Pic de Bugarach, which is believed to have erupted thousands of years ago, ultimately creating the inverted mountain.

Do you think Austria’s new upside down home will become a popular tourist attraction?

Upside Down House Video:

Source: International Business Times

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