Bing Adds Warnings About Fake Online Pharmacies In Search Results

There are many people who purchase their prescription medicine online, as they find it convenient, but sometimes it’s not the best thing to do because some online pharmacies are not safe. Well, Bing is going to do its part in warning people about potentially unsafe online pharmacies.

A new set of warnings are rolling out on Bing, according to Bing’s blog post, which was published on Thursday. Users will be alerted about the dangers of visiting online pharmacies that are not really safe. The team at Bing said that consumers are faced with a real threat because of the proliferation of online pharmacies. The Bing team continued to say that some online pharmacies take part in illegal practices and practices that are not legitimate.

The team at Bing said they want to help their users make informed decisions, especially when there is a risk of harm to the public as a result of buying illegal drugs online, or counterfeit drugs.

If you use Bing and come across a site that that has been flagged by the FDA as being a fake online pharmacy that has engaged in illegal activity, then Bing will warn you. Some of the illegal activity that the fake online pharmacy may have took part in or takes part in includes offering potentially dangerous and unapproved prescription drugs to consumers in the United States. Bing will be using the Federal Drug Administration’s public list of pharmacy sites that consumers should be wary of. The Bing team pointed out that this list of sites are updated regularly.

According to PC Mag, Bing already displays similar warnings for sites that may have malware on it. The warnings Bing displays to people who click on a site suspected of having malware on it doesn’t actually prevent users from visiting the site. This will be the case when Bing displays warnings to users who are about to visit an online pharmacy that has made it on the FDA’s list.

Bing will provide users with links to resources, where they can read up on info that can help them select a safe online pharmacy. Bing noted that the list of online pharmacy sites will grow and evolve.

The decision by Bing to alert users about sketchy online pharmacies comes a few months after Bing decided to release a new summer movie guide. As previously reported by Inquisitr, the guide is complete with reviews of movies, showtimes, and trailers. Not only that, but Bing added an option that allows users to purchase tickets to the movies.

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