Jax Taylor Talks Felony Theft Charge, ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Says It Was Just An ‘Honest Mistake’

Jax Taylor says his walking out of a Honolulu store without paying for a pair of sunglasses was just an “honest mistake” because he can obviously afford the glasses. According to the Vanderpump Rules star, he was drinking at the time the incident occurred.

Speaking to the Daily Mail on Friday, Jax Taylor says it is clear from surveillance video that he could afford the Polaris sunglasses cops have accused him of stealing because he was holding his credit card in his hand.

According to TMZ, while Taylor and his current girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, were in Hawaii last month, the Vanderpump Rules star visited a gift shop and exited the store with a pair of sunglasses he did not pay for. Cops later charged the 36-year-old reality TV star with felony theft.

In his statement to the Daily Mail, Jax says alcohol was definitely a factor in the incident, which was all caught on surveillance video (shown below), and that walking out with the glasses was just an honest mistake.

“There was alcohol involved. I think I can afford a pair of glasses. Clearly my credit card was in my hand.”

Although Jax may think the incident was just an honest mistake, his Vanderpump Rules’ co-stars, who were also in Hawaii at the time, are none too pleased with Jax’s behavior, especially Taylor’s best friend Tom Sandoval.

“I was really p**sed, disappointed and embarrassed. Obviously, we’re grouped together. We’re the Vanderpump Rules cast. When we go places, people will group us together and now think ‘those guys steal things.’ So that p*ssed me off. At this point, we’re in our fourth season, he should’ve really just known better. You can’t do stupid things like that. People are watching.”

Jax’s boss, Lisa Vanderpump, who is also less than thrilled with his most recent arrest, says the incident was a mistake, but Taylor has been disciplined.

“We’re dealing with it. I am happy to say I see some type of remorse [from Jax]. People make mistakes and he definitely made a big one.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jax Taylor’s new relationship and his arrest are expected to be major parts of his storyline during the upcoming fourth season of Vanderpump Rules. Although the cast has been filming Season 4 for the past few weeks, Bravo has not announced when the show will begin airing, although it is expected to premiere later this year.

[Image by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]