Sulli Of f(x) Officially Parts Ways — K-Pop Group Will Continue With Four Members

After both Wonder Girls and Girls’ Generation innovated what it is to be in an all-female K-pop group back in 2007 and 2008, others adjusted so they too would be seen internationally. Such groups include 2NE1 and T-ARA in which their changes have proven to be beneficial, especially 2NE1 who’s songs have been the central topic for many situations.

However, it’s been over five years since the innovation of K-pop and K-pop groups (especially all-female groups), and time is probably the one detail working against them. With maturity comes the re-organization of one’s endeavors. Jessica Jung for example couldn’t stay in Girls’ Generation any longer for what she wanted to do; she therefore had to leave them. And now, the same situation has fallen on Sulli of f(x). It has officially been announced that Sulli has parted ways with the K-pop group.

Sulli of f(x)
Sulli, of f(x), recently parted ways from the K-pop group to pursue more solo endeavors.

To be frank, many fans in the K-pop community are not surprised Choi Jin Ri, better known as Sulli, has finally left f(x), as reported by KpopStarz. Right after the release of f(x)’s last album Red Light over a year ago, Sulli has been busy with her solo career. Officially, Sulli has been promoting her acting skills, making a return to K-dramas and films. In the rumor mill, she’s in a relationship with Choi Jae ho, better known as Choiza of Dynamic Duo. And apparently, both (if the relationship rumors are true) are far more important to her than her K-pop idol career.

Though Sulli herself hasn’t said anything on her departure from f(x), SM Entertainment has. The agency provided the following official statement regarding the situation, as reported by AllKpop.

“After negotiating with Sulli, who is currently taking a break, about her future activities, we have decided to respect her wishes, and she’ll be leaving f(x) and focusing on her acting.”

As for f(x), they will continue working as a K-pop group but with only four members. Victoria, Luna, Amber, and Krystal will juggle between group and individual activities like they’ve done before. As for Sulli, she is still with SM Entertainment and they will be working together to decide on her future projects.

[Featured Image via f(x)’s Official Facebook Page, Post Image via Sulli’s Facebook Page]