Who Won The Debate? Political Experts Weigh In On First GOP Debate

Who won the debate? Political experts weigh in to share their opinions about how well the candidates did during the first GOP debate of the election. Everyone has an opinion on this matter, and there isn’t one clear winner. However, some candidates did better in certain areas than other.

Winner of Non-Verbal Communication: Donald Trump

When it comes to exuding confidence and communicating through body language, the Donald reins supreme. He showed the most confidence simply in the way he held himself and responded through body language to his competitors. David Givens, nonverbal communications expert, reported to The Guardian.

“Nonverbally (through his body language) Donald Trump won Thursday’s Republican presidential debate. His hand gestures, facial expressions, and tone of voice dominated, and made the competitors seem ineffective, even wimpish”

In comparison, many of the other candidates seemed very nervous and even a little fidgety.

Winner of All Around Communication: Marco Rubio

Many experts agree that Marco Rubio was an excellent communicator. He looked relaxed, calm, and like he would be right at home in a high-profile political seat. Each of his answers were strong and well-grounded. Though he hasn’t been doing as well in the polls lately, this strong debate will be just what Rubio needs to have voters remember his name. His performance may even give Democrats something to fear in keeping the presidential seat.

Tara Setmayer, political expert, reported to CNN that Rubio commanded the room.

“Although he was the youngest contender on the debate stage, [Rubio] certainly came across as the adult in the room. On a night filled with plenty of zingers and testy exchanges, Rubio was able to rise above the bickering and overly produced bravado. He was prepared, comfortable and most importantly, relatable.”

The Most Likable: Ben Carson

Despite his lack of political knowledge, neurosurgeon Ben Carson is certainly the most likable of the candidates. He’s professional and has a sense of humor, which gave him an entirely relaxed appearance on the stage Thursday night. Besides that, he’s closer to the common man than anyone on that stage, which makes him extremely relatable.

It may not be he who won the debate, and it might night be he who wins this election, but with a little more immersion in the political world, Carson could be the favorite GOP candidate in the future.

The Biggest Performer: Chris Christie

As far as polished answers, charisma, and charm, Chris Christie took the cake. However, his polished performance may also be his downfall. There were few specifics on his answers, and his understanding of NSA surveillance and terrorism is lacking. Frankly, the nation is getting a little tired of the career politicians, which means that if Christie doesn’t become a little more genuine soon, he’ll be out of the runnings.

The Loser: Jeb Bush

Most experts wouldn’t say that Jeb Bush had one of the worst nights of his life. Besides his subtle attack on women (“not sure we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues”), he was nervous, uninspiring, and didn’t bring anything new to the conversations presented. When asked the hard questions, he reverted to default answers. With another round of political gaffes, he didn’t exactly live up to the standards set up by his father and brother.

Most political experts believe that overall, all of the Republican candidates performed well last night. The answer to the question “who won the debate,” is more a reflection of who did better than the others than it is a question of who tanked completely.

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