‘Back To The Future’ News: Monopoly Revealed, DeLorean Settlement Hits Roadblock

Back to the Future celebrated its 30-year anniversary last month, and with that, many fans celebrated in different ways. The planned Blu-ray release is still to come, but in the meantime, there is something else you can do while waiting.

Recently, reports stated that a Back to the Future Monopoly edition will be available to purchase this September. What’s so special about this Monopoly game? If you’re an avid Back to the Future fan, then the packaging and tokens alone will make you want to purchase this cool board game.

As Comic Book reports, the Back to the Future Monopoly features a bright yellow box with radioactive signs. Some of the tokens available include Doc Brown’s dog Einstein, a hooverboard, Marty’s hat, and the DeLorean.

The Back to the Future edition of Monopoly, as reported by Slashgear, was created by USAopology, who are also the brains behind other special games, including Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.

Meanwhile, in other Back to the Future news, the settlement of the DeLorean lawsuit has been halted. A year ago, Sally DeLorean, the widow of John DeLorean, creator of the DMC-12 (The DeLorean), filed a lawsuit against a company that was using the DeLorean name illegally.

There were talks of a settlement, according to Fox News, but that has been halted due to the fact that the defendant allegedly wanted to change the settlement deal at the last minute. The defendant’s camp, however, says that they just want to see in writing that they can still use the name “DeLorean” and won’t be sued in the future after paying the agreed settlement fee.

The DeLorean only has 9,000 units, and John DeLorean’s company went bankrupt in the 1980s, but the unique aesthetics of the DMC-12 made it one of the most iconic cars in the movie world, as it appeared in Back to the Future films.

What do you think of the new Back to the Future game board? Will you be purchasing it when it gets released in September? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image via USAopoly]

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