Why Shonda Rhimes ‘No A-Holes’ Rule Is About Katherine Heigl

Jordan StraussInvision/AP Images

Shonda Rhimes has thrown down the gauntlet on the idea of Katherine Heigl coming back to Grey’s Anatomy or any other Shondaland-affiliated show.

According to Cinema Blend, the idea that Shonda Rhimes would allow Katherine Heigl back on Grey’s Anatomy is ridiculous.

“Shonda Rhimes is one of the most powerful women on television. Katherine Heigl, after a burst in the movie realm, is back on television. So, does that mean we’ll get to see the women combine forces again someday? No. We will not ever see the two of them work together again because Shonda Rhimes has a ‘no a-holes’ policy, and Katherine Heigl is apparently queen of the a-holes.”


Rather than take responsibility for her persona non grata status with Shonda Rhimes, Katherine Heigl is throwing her mother, Nancy Heigl, under the bus, who Katherine Heigl has now fired as her manager.

“Nancy isn’t a producer, or really even a manager – something that she admits herself. But she thinks that she has a right to make decisions and she has angered a lot of people in the process. Katherine doesn’t know when to stay quiet and she has damaged her reputation, and her mother encouraged that behavior. She is very close to her mom, but she knows she needs to salvage what remains of her career with someone else – that is if anyone else will take her.

“According to OK! Magazine’s inside sources, Katherine’s mother, Nancy, is actually the driving force behind her feud with Shonda Rhimes – Nancy reportedly dissed the show’s writing, which did not go over well with the show’s creator Shonda.”

But it is believed that firing her mother will not save her reputation or her career.

People Magazine reported that if you want to work for Shonda Rhimes, you can’t be a jerk.

“I don’t put up with bulls— or nasty people. I don’t have time for it,” the creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal tells the Hollywood Reporter of what she calls her “no a–holes policy.”

“I learned a lot of stuff,” Rhimes says of dealing with the controversy of former Grey’s actor Isaiah Washington’s use of a gay slur as well as the drama involving Katherine Heigl, who left the hit ABC show in 2010 after months of dramatic headlines.

“There are no Heigls in this situation,” Rhimes says of the Scandal cast, which actress Katie Lowes has described to People as “a family.”


Grey’s Anatomy will move on for season 12 with any Heigls, according to Shonda Rhimes.

Do you think Katherine Heigl can salvage her career?