‘Scandal’ Season 5: Creator Shonda Rhimes Teases Time Jump, Fitz And Olivia Together

Shonda Rhimes recently did a rare thing when she revealed a spoiler concerning the upcoming season of Scandal. Although there are a lot of questions remaining for the new season of the hit drama, from how Elizabeth North will adjust to her role to the development of Olivia and President Fitz’s relationship, Rhimes assured fans that there wouldn’t be a time jump when Season 5 returns to the air waves.

“For Scandal we’re picking up almost where we left off,” Rhimes revealed during an interview with a TGIT panel at the TCA Summer Press Tour.

Rhimes is known for keeping details concerning her TV shows a secret, so this latest reveal was somewhat of a surprise to fans. When considering that the show has featured a number of time jumps in the past, it is good to know that fans won’t have any catching up to do when the series returns.

In addition to the time jump reveal, Rhimes went on to add that most of the characters are at a difficult place following the events in the Season 4 finale. At least, everyone except President and Fitz and Olivia, who were last scene getting a little romantic on the balcony.

“That was a pretty harrowing place where the world had been blown apart for everybody except for Olivia and Fitz, who were left on the Truman balcony… doing some kissin’. But everybody else was in a fairly low-at-heart place. Mellie wasn’t living in the White House because Fitz kicked her out. Jake said he was walking away. Quinn was thinking about killing Huck. Things weren’t going so well for people, and we pick up right there in that environment.”

Although it’s good to know that Olivia and President Fitz will be in a good place when the season begins, it will definitely be interesting to see how Mellie adjusts to her new situation outside of the White House. Additionally, with Cyrus trying to figure out his own future and Jake deciding to call it quits, the new season is set to feature a number of intriguing story lines.

Unfortunately, fans still have a few months to wait to find out just how Mellie, Huck, Quinn, Jake, Cyrus and everyone else will resolve their issues in the series. In the meantime, fans can rest assured knowing their favorite characters won’t be left out in the new season.

Season 5 of Scandal is set to premiere September 24 on ABC.

[Image Courtesy: ABC]