CBC Hosts Chris Hyndman Memorial [Video]

Fans and colleagues alike gathered at CBC Headquarters in Toronto to pay their respects to Chris Hyndman of the Canadian TV show, Steven and Chris. The show featured Chris Hyndman along with his business partner and husband, Steven Sabados.

A memorial for Chris Hyndman was set up at CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Centre) for the convenience of family, friends, and fans to gather and share memories of Chris. The Globe and Mail reported that many people came forward to voice their sadness at Chris Hyndman’s passing.

One such person, Stella Waddington, had a chance meeting with Hyndman and Sabados at a supermarket. She was there raising funds for a children’s charity when the celebrity couple happened by her booth. Stella remembers them as warm, friendly men.

“They were very warm, very sympathetic with the charity, and very giving. I was very impressed by both of them. And they were very handsome.”

Lorraine Stevenson said Chris Hyndman and Steven Sabados reached viewers of Steven and Chris at a deeper level.

“My partner and I watched [his show] every day and just loved it. It was nice to see [the memorial] because I think he’s touched so many people, both him and his partner. We’ll definitely miss him, that’s for sure.”

Many of those who could not attend the memorial took to Twitter to offer condolences and memories of Chris.

The following is a clip from the Steven and Chris show, entitled “Fermented Foods.”

It is plain to see that Chris Hyndman was well-loved by those who knew him, as well as those who were simply fans of Steven and Chris. His mother, Glenda Hyndman, and husband, Steven, are comforting one another during this time of deep grief.

Do you have memories of Chris Hyndman to share?

[Image via The Star]

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