‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ Casting News: Jena Malone And Scoot McNairy’s Secret Roles Revealed

Casting news has surfaced regarding Zack Snyder’s upcoming film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In particular, more information has come to light concerning the roles that Scoot McNairy and Jena Malone will be playing when the movie hits theaters in 2016.

As far as McNairy’s role is concerned, a slew of rumors have been circulating since it was first learned that he was cast to play in the movie. While some have speculated McNairy was set to play either Metallo, Will Magnus, or The Flash, it is now apparent that he will be playing a completely different role.

According to Heroic Hollywood, the star is set to play the part of Jimmy Olsen in Batman v Superman. Although this isn’t necessarily a new idea, more sources have now come forward to firm the role.

Olsen is a character from the original comics who works at the Daily Planet as a reporter and photographer. Along with being a close friend of Superman, the character was also there to witness the Black Zero event, where he became stuck underneath some rubble from a falling building.

Olsen had to have his legs amputated after the incident, and his character was featured in the latest trailer that was released during Comic-Con 2015. In the video clip, Olsen is seen in a courtroom after the destructive events that occurred in Man of Steel.

Meanwhile, after Malone was seen on set for the Snyder-directed film, rumors began to fly as to what role she was set to play. While it was speculated that she could be a new villain, hero, or some other character altogether, Latino Review recently reported that she will be playing the role of Barbara Gordon.

Barbara is the daughter of the well-known police commissioner Jim Gordon. In the comics, Barbara assumes the vigilante identity of Batgirl before becoming the world-renowned hacker Oracle. Although she isn’t expected to become Batgirl in the new movie, her appearance will be a great way for DC to introduce her character.

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set in a time where Jim and Robin are dead and gone, and Batman has grown noticeably old, Malone’s character may actually play a large part in the movie.

While we eagerly wait to learn more about their respective roles, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is set to hit theaters on March 26, 2016.

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[Image Courtesy: Warner Bros]