Anthony And Catherine Costner: Toddler In Back Seat Watches Young Mom And Dad Shot To Death In Car

Anthony and Catherine Costner, a young married couple and parents of a 3-year-old girl, received a mysterious call for help sometime in the early morning hours of Thursday, August 6. Even though family members say they appeared “nervous,” they drove off in their red 2000 Pontiac Grand Am. The young parents took their little girl, Kinsley, with them, loading the toddler into the back seat.

But at around 1:45 a.m. on Thursday, police received a call reporting a car crashed in a ditch near Sharon and Park Drives in Powder Springs, Georgia. When the police showed up, they found Anthony Costner, just 24-years-old, dead in the front seat, apparently from multiple gunshot wounds.

His 22-year-old wife, Catherine, was also shot at least once, but she was alive. She was rushed to nearby WellStar Kennestone Hospital, but sadly it was too late. She died of her wounds at the hospital.

Little Kinsley, however, was not hurt and still in the back seat when police showed up, apparently having watched her two parents gunned down by some unknown person or people for reasons that remain mysterious. No arrests have been made or suspects named a day later.

Police say the murders were not random. The couple were targeted, they believe, though they are still considering the possibility of murder-suicide as well. But Catherine Costner’s mother believes she knows what happened — just not who did it or why.

“When they went to help these people, for whatever reason, a gun was pulled and my son-in-law and my daughter are now dead,” said Cynthia Quinn in an interview with Atlanta’s WXIA TV. “Her husband was shot in the face, the head and the hand. She was shot in the stomach, all in front of my granddaughter.”

Quinn is now pleading with the public to hep solve the horrifying murder mystery.

“I know somebody knows something,” she added. “We don’t care. We just want this person brought to justice.”

Quinn believes that Anthony Costner was the killer’s true target, saying that “someone had it in for (him), for some reason.”

Jordan Quinn, Catherine’s brother, said that he was with the young family when the parents got the mysterious call for help — a call that made them visibly nervous.

“They got up and said they were going to meet somebody real quick,” he said.

But he never saw them alive again.

The murder mystery bears some similarities to the strange case of Salvatore Belvedere, Gianni Belvedere, and Ilona Flint, who were shot to death on Christmas Eve of 2013 in San Diego. Police finally apprehended a suspect about six months later.

The family of Anthony and Catherine Costner said they were apparently trying to drive to another family member’s house after the shooting, a home that was near to where the car carrying the young mom and dad and their little girl crashed into a ditch. The toddler, who may be the only witness to the horrific crime, was placed in protective custody but then claimed by the family.

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