Jettie Adams: 3-Year-Old Dies Alone In Pool Of Own Vomit Following Horrific Beating, Mother And Boyfriend Charged With Capital Murder

Jettie Adams died this week after the toddler had been found unresponsive on a mattress outside her home, covered in horrific bruises and lying in a pool of her own vomit.

Now police in Trafford, Alabama, have charged the girl’s mother and boyfriend, saying they are responsible for the savage beating that claimed the toddler’s life.

Adams was initially taken to a hospital with critical injuries, and police first charged her mother, 23-year-old Misty Lynn Wright, 23, and her mother’s boyfriend, 39-year-old Johnathon Wayne Talley, with aggravated child abuse. But those charges were upgraded to capital murder when Jettie died of her injuries.

The medical examiner laid out the many injuries Jettie Adams suffered. Authorities said the girl suffered repeated blows to the chest, head, and abdomen. They believe she made her way to the porch and laid on a mattress after the attack, where she vomited and ultimately lost consciousness.

“(It’s) unconscionable that someone would do that. That a mother, whether she was involved in the actual beating or not, could stand by and not do anything about it and then not render any aid, I just don’t know what kind of person that is, but I tell you this, it’s a special kind of evil. And hopefully they won’t see the light of day again,” Jefferson County Chief Deputy Randy Christian said.

Jettie Adams found dead

The beating was reminiscent of another disturbing case in recent days. In late July, a 2-year-old boy was found unconscious and badly bruised in a filthy trailer home filled with more than 90 dead and dying animals.

The boy’s mother, 25-year-old Savanah Morgan, was taken into custody. She initially told police that her young son choked while eating potato chips, but later admitted that she dropped the boy. A medical examination determined that the boy’s injuries were too severe to have been simply dropped, WFSB reported.

The trailer itself was a horrific sight, said Lt. Scott Franklin. He noted that there were scores of dead animals, including cats, dogs, rodents, and even tarantulas.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my 20 years doing this,” Franklin said.

The home was also filled with feces, soiled diapers, broken glass, and garbage.

“Most of our officers probably were faced with something last night that they probably have not seen in their careers. It was a very sad situation to see something like this,” added Laurens Sheriff Ricky Chastain.

After the death of 3-year-old Jettie Adams, her mother, Misty Wright, and her mother’s boyfriend, Johnathon Talley, are being held without bail. Four other children living in the home were taken into DHR custody.

[Image via Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office]

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