Jesus Christ’s Face Spotted On Bathroom Wall In Mexican Home — Do You See Him?

It seems that prankster Jesus Christ is up to his old tricks again. This time, however, he’s chosen to appear not in a food item — like a piece of toast, or a tortilla — but in a bathroom wall in Mexico. The bathroom where Jesus decided to make himself known is in a family home in La Paz, owned by Elvia de la Toba.

It was de la Toba’s daughter who first spotted the image of Christ in the cinder block wall, Elvia says.

“In the morning my daughter went into the bathroom, and shouted ‘mother come, come and see what’s appeared.’ I came, and yes, there it was. I said to my daughter – his daughter – that Christ Jesus is with us, taking care of us. We feel a very beautiful thing when we look at this image, we feel at peace and feel chills when we look at it.”

The image of Jesus Christ in de la Toba’s bathroom is now surrounded by candles and visitors who’ve come to admire and pay their respects to what they believe is a sacred image of Christ, though, according to Yahoo News, not all are convinced that it is, in fact, the divine image of Jesus. Some believe that the apparition in the wall looks more like escaped drug lord El Chapo.

It’s well known that Jesus Christ has a penchant for appearing in the most unlikely places — tree trunks, Walmart receipts, bird poop, and yes, even a dog’s behind — but this isn’t the first time he’s chosen to appear in a bathroom wall. This isn’t even the first time this year that Jesus made his presence known to someone through a bathroom wall.

In June, 33-year-old Dave Simmons was shopping in an Ikea in Glasgow, Scotland, when he took a quick restroom break. Imagine his surprise when he closed the bathroom door and found what he believed to be Jesus Christ staring back at him from the wood grain.

“I went in to the toilet and there it was on the main door when I put my hand out. I said, ‘Oh my word, it’s Jesus.’ I tried to subtly snap a photo because the last thing you want is to be heard taking a photo in a toilet.”

“I spotted Jesus reminding me to do up my fly before I exited the toilet,” he quipped.

Though Simmons stands by his belief that it was Jesus Christ in the bathroom door, he admits that not all of his friends think so. Instead of Jesus, he says they see “one of the tree people from Lord of the Rings.”

Do you see Jesus Christ in these images?

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