Kelly Ripa Injury: Host’s Broken Foot Gets One-Upped By Husband’s Torn Calf Days Later

Kelly Ripa’s recent foot injury seems to have started a string of bad luck in her home: just days after Kelly injured her foot while dancing, her husband, Mark Consuelos, suffered a much worse injury to his leg.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Live! With Kelly and Michael host showed up to work in late July on crutches and with her left foot in a boot. She explained to the audience that she’d suffered a rather gruesome-sounding injury at dance class.

“I was in dance class, like I typically usually am, and someone had left a weight on the floor. All I know is I did a jump — and in my mind I’m an incredible dancer, graceful as can be — and I landed on the weight and my foot went over and under the weight. It sounded like bubble wrap, you guys.”

The injury won’t require surgery or a cast, but Kelly will be wearing the boot for a few weeks.

Unfortunately for Kelly’s husband, Mark Consuelos, her broken foot wouldn’t be the only bad injury to plague their family. As the New York Daily news reports, just days after Kelly broke her foot, Consuelos tore his calf. Ouch. Kelly took to Instagram to post a cute picture of the couple basking in their shared misery.


Consuelos also posted the same photo on his own Instagram page, with a caption that was a little less delicate, and the briefest of explanations about his injury.

“Can’t make this s**t Up. Small calf tear.”

Fans are suggesting that karma played a role in Mark’s injury: After Kelly broke her foot, Consuelos broke out the video camera and recorded a video, poking fun at his injured wife. Now it seems like what comes around goes around.

“Too funny…. Now Kelly can follow you around taking video.”

“That’s what you get for videotaping Kelly in the wheelchair! JK… Is there a saying ‘The couple that casts together lasts together’?”

“Haha that’s what you get for posting poor Kelly’s wheelchair hospital ride.”

Fortunately, it looks like Consuelos’ injury is minor, as calf tears go. According to Physio Works, a small calf tear will heal in about two to three weeks with proper treatment.

As of this post, neither Kelly Ripa nor Mark Consuelos has revealed how Mark got his injury.

[Image courtesy of Getty Images/Robin Marchant]