Why Donald Trump Is The Trolling Hellspawn That The GOP And Their Supporters Deserve [Opinion]

Donald Trump will not be the next president of the United States. He might come close, and he’ll probably split the votes on the right, but president? Nope, not Trump. So then, what is Trump, if not a serious contender for the highest office in the United States?

I’ve thought about it, and the best descriptive term I can come up with is nemesis.

“The inescapable agent of someone’s or something’s downfall.”

One look at the shambles of the Republican Party’s bid for a 2016 president and “nemesis” seems more than adequate.

It’s rather laughable that a man like Donald was allowed so much relevancy. Do we blame the media and the never-ending coverage of “The World According to Donald Trump”? In reality, the success of Trump at trolling the living crap out of the GOP belongs entirely to the GOP itself.

First, it’s hard to argue that Donald Trump isn’t the living embodiment of everything the right inadvertently stands for. Trump’s a loud, abrasive bigot and opportunist. He’s an old rich white guy with an “I’m better than you” aura, not to mention a never-ending sense of entitlement.

We’ve also learned he’s not shy about capitalizing on the fear and hatred felt by mainly white American voters for the dreaded “other” to advance his political position. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before someone showed up to fill in the gap as a real-life “mascot” for the modern Republican Party.

Secondly, it is painfully obvious that many politicians have no concept of how today’s technology or social media works.

But Trump certainly does.

Well before his run, Trump made his presence known on Twitter, spewing a lot of racially charged garbage and other inane comments that no one asked for. He is also a reality TV star. It seems Trump’s connection to has-beens who don’t know when to quit has helped him stay more culturally relevant — more-so than his conservative adversaries.

Although excommunicated by NBC and the pageant world, social media still exists as a bullhorn through which Donald can share his “personal truths.” Leaning heavily on your family’s last name and a questionable political legacy is comparatively passé.

Thanks to a tireless social media presence and a media format battling obsolescence, Donald Trump’s been promoted to “man of the hour.” He will likely continue to poll higher than the rest of the GOP because they have no such platforms following their every move for the sake of entertainment. What’s entertaining about a bunch of predictable sticks in the mud?

These dinosaurs of the Republican party are pulling dusty talking points from the old bag of tricks that went stale before Obama claimed the White House back in 2008. There is no flamboyance, no flash, nothing at all to maintain the shrinking attention spans of Americans — a growing number of whom were too young to remember fully or comprehend the 9/11 attacks.

As with the usefulness of Twitter, Donald Trump seems to have grasped this far better than his opponents as well. He is also smart enough to know where his “audience” is and what terrifies them. He’s also gifted with the ability to deliver the sort of cringe-worthy rhetoric that gets attention (and support).

He is the god of trolling ultraconservative windbags who blow up comment sections about politics on every single topic, regardless of whether the article had anything to do with the “evil liberal agenda.” He speaks their language and trolls harder than they could ever dream of.

Too bad he’ll be shoveling dirt on them alongside the rest of the Grand Ol’ Party.

You see, Donald Trump was never about the Republican Party or doing anything for anyone except one Donald Trump. He merely congealed in a dark alley until, like the T-1000 in the Terminator series, he rose up and took the form of everything appealing to the worst of the far-right.

These people see their hate and fear validated by Donald Trump and his blunt opinions. But a President Trump would never do anything for them. This stance was more subtle under Bush, but it would be hilariously obvious during a Trump presidency.

Donald Trump has always been, absolutely unapologetically, about himself. That’s why he made it known he would not be supporting the GOP candidate who beat him.

Is anyone really surprised? I’m not. Just like I won’t be surprised when Trump eventually loses but drags the entire GOP down with him.

Troll on, Donald Trump. Troll on.

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