‘Big Brother 17’: Are Twins Liz And Julia Nolan Playing The Game They Intended Before Entering The House?

Big Brother 17 came with a “bonus” player: Julia Nolan, the “hidden” twin sister of Liz. As part of the “twin twist,” Liz was the only announced member of the new cast, and swapped out with Julia for the first few weeks. After they survived five evictions, both earned the right to enter the house.

But can Big Brother 17 viewers expect Liz and Julia to play the same game?

Before she entered the house, Liz Nolan did the customary pre-season interviews. She also had an extensive biography posted on the CBS website. In its summary, CBS highlighted Liz’s dating modus operandi.

“When it comes to dating, Liz wears her heart on her sleeve and is a true romantic looking for love.”

As fans of the show know, Liz became the object Austin Matelson’s affections, and Jeff Weldon’s attention before he was evicted. Liz has said that despite her lack of interest in Austin, she will continue to accept his courtship in order to further her interest in the game. Julia made it clear during her swaps with Liz that she has no interest in being around Austin. Not long after Julia officially entered the game, she raised the subject of the twins’ loyalties to each other and to others in the house.

As Big Brother Network reported on the live feeds from July 30, Liz and Julia spoke privately about Austin. Liz defended him to Julia, and Julia asked for reassurances that her sister was more loyal to her than to the former wrestler. The controversy arose because Austin told Jason Roy, before his eviction, that Liz indeed had a twin whose name is Julia. He also expressed his desire to make it to jury to “court” Liz, while Julia remained, in his eyes, expendable.

The twins have shown they will make different choices when it comes down to who stays and who goes. When James was on the block against Jeff, it was Austin’s wish that Jeff leave the house. Liz intended to vote in that way. However, on eviction night, it was Julia in the diary room. She voted to evict James.

Now that both twins are in the house and either Clay or Shelli will be evicted, the “Sixth Sense” alliance is no longer as strong as it was. Indeed, although the twins may appear to both be closely allied with Austin and Vanessa, and whomever is left between Clay and Shelli, their votes might not always line up.

Big Brother 17 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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