Get Surface Pro 3 And Other Notebooks Upgraded To Windows 10 At Microsoft Store

Are you having problems upgrading your Surface Pro 3 or other notebook to Windows 10? Don’t get angry; all you have to do is go to the closest Microsoft Store. CNET has a quote from an email Microsoft has been sending to customers.

“Visit a Microsoft store near you for FREE upgrade services. Come into our store with your device and we’ll help you get to Windows 10. Our Answer Desk will evaluate your device, make sure you have everything you need for an amazing experience, and take you through all of the new features of Windows 10.”

This is good, especially since some (not all) customers are having trouble upgrading to Windows 10. On July 29, when Microsoft first started offering the upgrade, some were having problems. Product Reviews wrote about the issue last week.

“Microsoft is most likely aware that the Windows 10 update is getting stuck for some users during different points of the upgrade process, although it’s unclear if this is due to demand today, or thanks to other bugs.”

It appears that the reason the Windows 10 update was getting stuck was because of the high quantity of people upgrading their devices at the same time. However, some problems, which are rather serious, have continued. SiliconBeat has the details.

“Some consumers trying to upgrade their computers to Windows 10 have run into a bug that is rendering their machines inoperative. Instead of being able to use Microsoft’s new operating system, they get an error that says their computer has a missing operating system.”

SiliconBeat goes on to note that some have reported that their drives had nothing on them after the attempted upgrade. Let’s hope these people backed up all their data before they attempted the upgrade. Luckily, for Microsoft, the majority of upgraders haven’t complained. Windows 10 has received fantastic reviews. Engadget believes the new operating system combines the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

“The best thing about Windows 10 is that it’s simply Windows, through and through. It’s as if Microsoft realized that devaluing the desktop in Windows 8 was akin to sacrilege, and Windows 10 is its penance. At its core, it’s a union of the best qualities of Windows 7 and Windows 8,” the review claims.

TechRadar has given Windows 10 a near-perfect review. They note that Microsoft believes the future of Windows is as a platform for all. They believe the strength in Windows 10 is that thousands of companies are going to be developing for it. They add that Windows 10 is no longer a desktop or laptop operating system; it will also run on smaller tablets and smartphones.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is a make-or-break operating system for Microsoft. Judging by (most) of the early reaction, Microsoft is returning to the top of the tech world once again.

[Photo by Bloomberg for Getty Images]