Nicolle Wallace Turns Down Position On ‘The View’ After Being Fired

Nicolle Wallace

Nicolle Wallace is leaving The View for good. As the Inquisitr reported, Wallace was fired a few weeks ago from the show, after only appearing on the show for a year. Wallace was hired to give the show political clout, as she has worked under former President George W. Bush and is a political commentator. That said, the only reason given for her firing was that she was pop culture inept, specifically when it came to the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

According to several reports, after she was fired, Wallace was offered a position as a contributor for the View for next year, but Nicolle decided to turn the position down. It doesn’t really make sense why The View would fire her, only to turn around and offer her a part-time position. In fact, it comes off as more of a slap in the face to Wallace, so it isn’t surprising that she decided to turn the position down.

Today, she decided to address The View audience with her send off. “I love you guys, and you know I never thought I would get this job in a million years. I was more surprised to get it than I would have been to not get it. I would have been more surprised if they had kept me around because I am the original political nerd. ‘Hell On Hells’ was the name of that song which we joke that’s what they call all of us, right?”

She continued, “I have loved being a part of this table I have loved sitting in this chair and it was never mine, but I’m lucky I got to occupy it for a little bit.”

Other sources speculated that ABC might have been looking for another political talking head that was ready to duke it out with a liberal. When ABC realized that Wallace was an insightful Republican rather than a goader, it’s said that they might have pulled back on Wallace.

Wallace’s firing is on the heels of ABC parting ways with Rosie Perez, as well. With two women out, The View decided to hire Michelle Collins, Raven-Symone, fiery Republican Candace Cameron Bure, and other faces who will be pulled on the show as contributors.

It’s said with this change the focus of the show will favor a more celebrity-filled atmosphere than hard news.

[Photo by ABC]