Sam And Nia: Husband Surprises Wife With Pregnancy Announcement Before She Knows She Is Pregnant [Video]

Normally, it is the wife who surprises her husband when she finds out she is pregnant. However, that is not the approach that YouTube vloggers Sam and Nia took.

Sam, suspecting his wife might be pregnant, decided to take a sample of her urine out of the toilet to perform a pregnancy test. Apparently, his inkling was right; Nia was pregnant and didn’t even know it!

With a camera in hand to catch their reactions, Sam goes on to share the exciting news with his wife and two children. Nia is in the kitchen making breakfast for the kids when Sam enters. He makes jokes referring to her past pregnancy cravings,; to which Nia looks at the camera and assures their viewers he is joking.

Even after Nia pulls out the positive pregnancy test out of Sam’s pocket, she still doesn’t believe him and thinks he brought it home from somewhere. However, Sam finally convinces his wife that they were going to have another baby. Her reaction is priceless as the news starts to sink in, and the couple explains to their children that mommy has a baby in her belly.

Just to be sure the diluted urine by the water in the toilet didn’t cause a false positive, Nia decided to take a second test. The results came back, and she found out she was indeed expecting another baby.

According to the couple’s Facebook page, they are high school sweethearts that live in Texas.

“We have a great time living for God and we vlog it all. Check out our YouTube Channel, Sam and Nia,” their page reads.

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[Photo via YouTube screenshot]