Does Clare Crawley Actually Cry To The Animals On ‘Bachelor In Paradise?’

Clare Crawley got her heart broken on The Bachelor, even when Crawley was ready to get engaged. During the season finale, Clare was ready to start her life with Juan Pablo Galavis, even though it had been a rocky road. She was ready to get engaged, but he was ready to send her home and start another rocky relationship with Nikki Ferrell.

Clare Crawley admitted that she was heartbroken after she was dumped on The Bachelor, but she is still looking for the right man. And she is back on Bachelor In Paradise in hopes of finding love. Clare really wants to find the right man who respects her, but it sounds like she isn’t finding that on the Bachelor shows.

According to a new tweet, Clare Crawley is often the funny person on Bachelor In Paradise because she is showing much more personality than she did on The Bachelor. Crawley was on the first season of the show, and she was frustrated over her relationships. But her co-stars didn’t see her as a major threat coming in on Monday’s episode.

“Sooo… Something important is missing!!! JJ had asked me on a ‘date’ the night Clare got there. It was sweet. #BachelorInParadise,” Tenley revealed on Twitter to clarify what happened on Monday night on Bachelors In Paradise.

Molzahn is back on television in a Bachelor show, even though it has been years since she has looked for love on television. And it sounds like she has a great relationship with Clare. Clare was caught talking to a crab last year — at least, that’s what the edits showed. While Crawley hasn’t set the record straight, her co-star, Tenley Molzahn, has no problem dishing the truth.

“The truth between Clare Crawley & her crab friend…1) she was talking to me 2) that crabs name is Morton 3) RIP Morton #BachelorInParadise,” she revealed about her friend, Clare Crawley.

As it turns out, Clare doesn’t sit down and talk randomly to animals, as the ABC would like you to think. Crawley may be venting to her co-stars on the show about her feelings, but producers like to make it seem like she is talking to the local animals. Sure, it looks funny, so as long as Clare can laugh at the editing, it’s all good.

According to the Inquisitr, Clare Crawley has been watching The Bachelorette and following Kaitlyn Bristowe’s journey. And it sounds like she would want nothing else but to find love, as well.

What do you think of Clare Crawley speaking to the animals? Do you think it is funny to watch?

[Image via ABC]