‘Destiny’ Players Shouldn’t Dismantle Old Weapons Yet For ‘The Taken King’

Veteran Destiny players know that the struggle with inventory space is real. However, the news that all weapons from year one won’t upgrade to the new power levels in The Taken King expansion isn’t a reason to go on a dismantling spree. A Bungie Community Manager made that warning Wednesday to PlayStation and Xbox owners.

“I would hold off on dismantling anything just yet,” Bungie Community Manager Chris ‘Cozmo23’ Shannon wrote in the Destiny Reddit group. “We have a lot of information to share. As soon as the away team gets back from gamescom we will let you know our plan for a series of Twitch shows to answer all of the questions you have about the transition into year two with The Taken King.”

Destiny Hakke Shotgun (PlayStation, Xbox)

So what does Bungie have planned for existing weaponry with The Taken King? Obviously, players will want to hold on to their best guns and armor for the start of the expansion. Players won’t get their hands on all of the new weapons immediately, and enemies will start around level 34 to 36 before ramping up to level 40 in the second half of the campaign.

That means many of those Legendary and Exotic weapons that have been collected and ascended will still be viable for a good chunk of the way through the campaign. The Gjallarhorn certainly won’t fall out of favor, despite its upcoming nerf, and primary weapons that do elemental damage are always coveted even when they aren’t maxed out.

All of the older weapons are also still viable in Crucible where the damage power is normalized. It’s the weapon’s other stats and perk that make the difference and make it worth keeping.

Destiny Weapons master (PlayStation, Xbox)

Still, it sounds like Bungie has something more planned for existing Destiny weapons than just helping players through the opening sections of the expansion. The September Game Informer issue released this week mentions what sounds like the ability to upgrade or transmogrify weapons and armor by sacrificing other pieces.

“As an alternative to using or sharding your new high-powered legendary weapons and armor, you can also improve an item you like by sacrificing another piece from the same gear slot,” the Game Informer article reads.

It’s likely that older Legendary and Exotic gear will also be upgrade material for Destiny‘s new guns and armor.


“It enables a player to customize the way they want to look, and the weapons they want to use,” Creative Director Luke Smith explained.

We should expect more details on what Bungie has planned for older weapons in Destiny: The Taken King in the next couple of weeks. Until then, hold off on dismantling items unnecessarily.

[Images via Bungie]