WWE Rumors: Jim Ross Shoots Down Huge Rumor About Brock Lesnar

WWE Rumors Jim Ross Brock Lesnar gay character rumor

Brock Lesnar is the focus of a lot of talk in the wrestling world right now, and it’s due mostly to his huge match coming up against The Undertaker at WWE SummerSlam. Another reason is the rumor that he once had the idea of a gay character pitched for him in WWE, but there’s been some conflicting reports on that. Well, former WWE announced Jim Ross and completely shot down that talk.

About a week ago, The Wrestling Observer reported that a plan was once pitched for Brock Lesnar to debut as a gay character on WWE television.

Lesnar was going to be this big guy and very macho, but then later come out as being gay. There were no plans to exploit gay stereotypes, but it was meant to be a character who would also be an alpha male that destroyed everyone in the ring.

Rumor has it that as soon as Brock Lesnar would be coming up to the main roster of WWE, the role was going to be for him. WWE writers felt as if the gay community would really latch onto the gimmick and see it as a “progressive character.”

Well, good ol’ Jim Ross recently had a Q&A session in which someone asked him about the possibility that a gay character pitch was made for Brock Lesnar. Ross thought it was a bit nuts.

“Another ridiculous tale from the IWC. That one is truly absurd.”

Word has it that the idea actually made it all the way to the writer’s room and was pitched to everyone. Older agents shot it down though saying it wasn’t a good idea, but it did later lead to the Billy & Chuck angle.

Now, Billy and Chuck were popular, but never nearly as much as Brock Lesnar. Still, the idea of Lesnar being a gay wrestler who could kick a lot of butt in WWE is something that was reportedly pitched, but never run through.

Ross isn’t contracted with WWE so he really has no reason to defend or oppose them. Whatever he usually says is just what he’s thinking and it’s what he states is truth. If he shoots down the idea of it, then it’s quite possible that it really is just another wild rumor.

If Brock Lesnar was supposed to debut in WWE as a gay character, well, the truth may never be known. Either way, he’s the most dominant force in the promotion today and now has to make it past The Undertaker at SummerSlam.

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