WWE Rumors: Update On WWE Meeting With Destination America — Are TNA And Ring Of Honor Out?

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There has already been a lot of drama this year when Destination America announced the signing of Ring of Honor wrestling programming. TNA Impact Wrestling had said they were blindsided by the acquisition, and the two now coexist on the network, but it may not matter. Rumor has it that WWE has met with Destination America and could be looking for landing spots for both Superstars and Main Event, but possibly also NXT.

A lot of details aren’t known at this time, and initial rumors had WWE looking for a landing spot for NXT. It seems as if WWE is actually looking to put its C and D shows on national television.

According to Wrestling Inc., WWE met with Destination America in the hopes of trying to find a television deal for Superstars and Main Event. Both shows currently air on the WWE Network, but would prefer they air on television for a broader audience.

It appears as if WWE is currently shopping both of those television shows to whichever network will buy them in the United States.

There is no confirmation of details or even how far the talks went between WWE and Destination America, but it’s quite an interesting rumor. If WWE really did meet with the network, they are truly looking to put a monopoly on wrestling television.

WWE did not comment on the matter or the rumors.

Right now, Monday Night Raw airs on the USA Network for three hours every week. Thursday nights have two hours of WWE programming on the SyFy network with SmackDown. In 2016, SmackDown will be moving to the USA Network as well, as was announced by Vince McMahon back in April.

“WWE is proud to have SmackDown join Raw as part of our expanded partnership with USA Network. The combination of the No. 1 cable network and two ratings juggernauts provides a destination for our viewers and an extraordinary platform for our partners.”

Right now, if there are any talks between WWE and Destination America, one has to believe that they’re all in the preliminary stages. Then again, the reveal of Ring of Honor on the network came out of nowhere and without any warning whatsoever.

If WWE does end up striking a deal with Destination America, it’s hard to believe that Ring of Honor and TNA would still be on the same network. Only time will tell if these rumors end up bringing Main Event, Superstars, and/or NXT to the network, and if the other wrestling promotions will have to find new homes.

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