Jenelle Evans Calls Off Wedding As Ex Nathan Griffith Blames MTV For Making Her ‘Addicted To Drama’

Jenelle Evans has called off her wedding, and now is embracing support from fans as ex Nathan Griffith blames MTV for contributing to the split.

Evans announced this week that she and Griffith have called off their engagement again. She leveled accusations of cheating against Nathan, who later confirmed that he is dating another woman.

Griffith also explained that they both tried to make the relationship work, but just couldn’t make it happen.

“Jenelle is crazy,” Nathan told Radar Online. “But we have a family together and I believe in second chances, so I gave it to her.. But now I am done. I can’t go back to all of that.”

But after the announcement many fans have reached out to Jenelle, giving her words of support. Evans re-tweeted many of the messages.

// Chin up @PBandJenelley_1, homie did you a favor. He is not a big loss 🙅🏼 — Heather Woods (@THEHEATHERWOODS) August 5, 2015 // ]]>

The announcement that Jenelle Evans has called off the wedding again does not come as a big surprise to fans. In an interview before making their split official, the Teen Mom star said she is no longer in contact with Nathan.

“As of now, since we’re like working things out, he has his own apartment,” she said on the North Carolina radio program Jared and Katie in the Morning 107.5 KZL (via Reality Roundup). “We separated not too long ago for like four months, he got his own apartment. When he’s over at his apartment, I don’t know what he does. He doesn’t even live with me anymore, so I have no idea if he drinks at home, I don’t know if he goes out and drinks. When he does drink, he gets very cocky and very opinionated. He’s a very passionate person.”

Now it appears the relationship is completely severed. Though the couple tried to make it work after their initial split, Griffith said this time it is over for good.

“She kept telling me ‘I’m going to ruin your life,’ and I just don’t care anymore,” he said.

Nathan went on to blame MTV for turning Evans into someone addicted to attention.

“MTV feeds into her ego,” he said. “They want her to get upset about things. When I got arrested the crew was there and they knew that I wasn’t hitting her. They just don’t care… Jenelle is addicted to drama… She needs help.”

Though the split just hit the news, Jenelle Evans said she called off the wedding two weeks ago.

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