Robin Thicke Engaged To Girlfriend April Love Geary

Is Robin Thicke engaged to his girlfriend of eight months? It looks like he might be if reports are believed. According to Life & Style, Thicke recently proposed to girlfriend April Love Geary.

Robin and April have only been dating for eight months, but according to sources close to the couple, Robin wanted to pop the question. “Robin recently proposed to April and she said yes. He doesn’t want to risk losing her.”

Why does Robin think he’s going to lose her? Well, if you remember, Thicke lost his high school sweetheart and wife Paula Patton after reports surfaced of his addictions and alleged marital affairs. Then to make things worse, Robin wrote and recorded an album called “Paula” in an attempt to win his ex back. There was even a single called “Get Her Back” which flopped tremendously. When that didn’t work and the album tanked, Thicke washed his hands of the whole thing, including the universally panned album.

Entertainment Weekly said of one of the worst flips of 2014, “Hearing him plead to Patton is creepy; at times, he flat-out sounds like a stalker. It’s like watching a man desperately flinging expensive gifts and unkeepable promises at a wronged woman who’s finally decided she’s forgiven him for the last time…but in the form of a record.”

As for Robin’s relationship with April, according to sources, Robin’s parents gave him advice that he didn’t take. “Both his parents have told him to take some time and not rush into marriage again so soon. They go almost everywhere together. He’s totally obsessed with her.” Yikes.

So who is April? Well, she’s a 20-year-old model who’s signed with IMG Worldwide and had made an appearance in Harper’s Bazaar. The first time people took notice of April was when she posted photos of herself in Robin’s home, which is the same house he shared with his ex-wife Paula Patton.

Since news of their relationship broke, they have been criticized due to their age gap. IBTimes UK said, “While it’s very sweet to see 38-year-old Robin and his young son Julian play happy families in such a relaxed way with Robin’s 20-year-old new squeeze, there does seem to be a little bit of a potential age gap beginning to show in their underlying body language rituals.”

Are you surprised that Robin popped the question so fast?

[Photo by Andreas Rentz / Getty Images]