Lenny Kravitz’ Pants Split: What We Learned About Lenny

Lenny Kravitz pants split

Lenny Kravitz’ wardrobe malfunction at a Swedish concert on Aug. 4 taught fans – and the rest of the world – several things about the musician. According to the Washington Post, closeups of Lenny’s penis photos proved once and for all that he is Jewish.

In its list of four things we can learn about the man from his manhood, the Post does point out that non-Jewish men are often circumcised too, and Kravitz’ Hebrew heritage has never actually been a secret. Kravitz confirmed that back in 2004, after the revelation of a tattoo on his back (“My heart belongs to Jesus Christ”), and the release of his Christian CD, Baptized.

“I’m also a Jew. It’s all the same to me.”

The Post article makes reference to a Tablet entry in 2012, when Kravitz was preparing for his first visit to Israel. Tablet wrote that Lenny, who is of mixed race descent, “may have embodied the ‘sense of other’ that many American Jews felt as record labels rejected his work for not being either white or black enough.”

Lenny is described as “a throwback,” but also “adaptable.” Lenny’s lack of underwear on stage in Sweden could be seen as a stand for tradition and “perfectly in tune with Kravitz’s aesthetic — not avant-garde, but arriere-garde.” Back in the ’80s, when high-tech was coming into its own and artists were scrambling for the glitzy new gear, Kravitz decided he “didn’t like the way it sounded.” He said he “got fed up with it, and chucked it all,” preferring the “purity” of earlier times. So his commando wardrobe style is just one more bid for retro purity.

The “adaptable” label is due to “a very un-retro piercing” in a place Kravitz’ fans wouldn’t usually get to see. Kravitz clearly keeps up with the times in some ways. The penis piercing even impressed Steve Tyler of Aerosmith. Steve texted Lenny, “Dude … no underwear and pierced. You never showed me that s—.”

The wardrobe problems happened at the beginning of the concert in Sweden Monday night, when Kravitz’ leather pants split as he crouched down for a dramatic moment. The star went off stage for several minutes and came back in a new pair of pants, but said nothing about the unexpected exposure.

The Twittersphere blew up over Kravitz wardrobe problems, but before things got too out of hand, Lenny “brilliantly addressed” the penis photo fiasco by posting Tyler’s text along with the hashtag, “#penisgate.”

Twitter users quickly got on board with the #penisgate hashtag to have good-natured fun with Kravitz’ pants split.

So what did we learn about Lenny Kravitz? He’s Jewish, he’s traditional but adaptable, and his response to the whole wardrobe fiasco proves he’s very, very cool. #Penisgate.

[Image via Christopher Polk / Getty Images]