Vaporizer Review: The K-Vape DX-Micro From Kandypens

When it comes the world of vaping, be it dry herbs, concentrates, or even e-liquids, it’s sometimes hard to know what the best product is for you and your own unique and personal needs. But if it’s dry herb vaping that you are interested in, and you are looking for something lightweight, discreet, and stealthy, the new K-Vape DX-Micro from Kandypens is well worth a try.

Having received the item in the mail (AKA ‘vape mail’) one sunny Tuesday morning, we decided not to procrastinate and immediately unboxed, charged, and prepared the DX-Micro for a vaping session. We were immediately struck by how small, sleek, and comfortable the DX-Micro was, even with its digital display.

As compared with other handheld portable vaporizers, the DX-Micro is very light, fits in just about any pocket, and is black and stealthy looking, we think, just the way a portable vaporizer should be.

One of the features which sets the DX-Micro apart from other handheld vaporizers is the fact that the herb chamber has a capacity of 0.5-0.6 grams. This means that vaping sessions are long and fulfilling, as opposed to other vaporizers on the market which only give you a few puffs and have a short battery life.


In testing the DX-Micro, we had to pack the chamber just right, as packing it too tightly didn’t make for a good experience, while packing it too loosely had the same result. We estimated that 0.3-0.4 grams of well ground herb, packed just right (not too tight or too loose) was the “sweet spot” for this awesome piece of kit, and we got an amazing 39 puffs from a single chamber.

Now, those 39 puffs did not produce thick and creamy, dense clouds of vapor. In fact, the vapor was quite sparse, but it just kept going and going as we tried to keep count of the number of puffs we were taking for the review. The taste was pretty good, although not the best, and although the slightly substandard plastic mouthpiece did heat up a lot, especially at higher temperatures, it did not get as hot as some other vaporizers on the market and was manageable.

That being said, the temperature range on the DX-Micro is awesome, with a range from 350F through 430F, with the default setting standing at 383F.

Having started the vaping session at 383F, we gradually increased a few degrees Fahrenheit at a time, all the way through to the maximum temperature of 430F. At that temp, the machine did get hot, but not too hot to hold, and waiting just the right amount of time between puffs was the key for a very fulfilling and enjoyable session.

We also noticed that the battery barely went down after the first session (which lasted a good 10 minutes) and according to the Kandypens website, the battery life on the DX-Micro is 3-4 hours. Other features include Kandypens patented “True Convection Technology™,” which is supposed to ensure consistent vaporizing of your dry herbs, as well as an impressive lifetime warranty on the product.


Being that the DX-Micro is just 27mm wide and 130mm tall, it is one of the most portable vaporizers we’ve come across and is a great piece of kit for people who want to be able to vape wherever they please. The black matte finish gives an awesome feel to the DX-Micro, and other features such as the 5 Click On/Off Safety Feature and the “Smart Memory Technology™” make the DX a great choice for some.

Overall, the K-Vape DX-Micro is a good vaporizer, but not for those who seek big puffy clouds. The DX-Micro is ideal for those who want an easily concealed vaporizer, and for those who want to enjoy longer vaping sessions than many other similar vaporizers on the market today.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • 80 temperature settings
  • Good temperature range
  • Substantial battery life


  • Mouthpiece gets hot at higher temperatures
  • Thin cloud production
  • Slight plastic taste


Feel: 9/10

Taste: 7/10

Vapor: 7/10

Battery: 9/10

Overall Experience: 8/10

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