Woman With Crippling Stomach Ache Has Surprise: Gives Birth

Rachel Harvey, 24, had a frightening episode of crippling stomach pain and didn’t know what was happening to her. It was so extreme and she was in such agony that she was rushed to the hospital. Earlier in the evening, everything was normal and she had been relaxing with her fiancé Simon Fenney, 38, with no cares in the world. They were engaged last August and moved in together in February. Fenny works for JCB cab systems in Rugeley. She felt so ill that her father even didn’t go to work that day, concerned about her well-being, according to the Mirror.

A nurse asked if she could be pregnant and at first she thought it wasn’t possible, as she didn’t have any signs and continued to have her period. But the medical staff thought she might have been having a miscarriage and rushed her to Burton Hospital.

She was in so much pain that when the hospital staff told her that she was in labor, she had trouble processing it. But before she knew what had happened, she was whisked behind a curtain to have her new bundle of joy, with about a dozen hospital staff hovering around her. After screaming in pain for about an amazing 10-minute labor, a healthy, six pounds and one ounce baby they named Joseph was born. The midwife estimates that she had been pregnant for about 38 weeks, according to USA-UK Online.

Their friends and families at first thought they were kidding when they told them they had a baby. Fenny has two other children, a daughter named Ashleigh, 16, and a 13-year-old son named Billy. But they couldn’t be happier with their new addition, about whom Simon said the following, according to the Mirror.

“He is so tiny and so cute, he’s just perfect….From the time we found out the emotions changed from shock, to panic and then as soon as he was in our arms there was just automatic love, there’s nothing else you can do. We’ll definitely tell him about it when he’s older he’s a miracle.”

Although the couple had never discussed having children, they are beyond happy with their sweet addition and are on “cloud nine.” Rachel said that her baby has a “big personality” and is thankful that everything they needed for the baby was there by the time they got home, as family helped them out with their unexpected miracle baby.

Thankfully, most babies come into the world loved and wanted — even sometimes if they are a surprise. Unfortunately, some children are abandoned by uncaring parents. A young brother and sister were abandoned by divorced parents, and were left with a grandparent who had them live in squalid conditions in cages with dogs, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

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