#1DonGMA: One Direction GMA Concert, Big Announcement – #CongratsLouis As Louis Tomlinson Confirms Baby News [Video]

The tweets coming into Twitter under the hashtag and label #1DonGMA are proving things that fans want to know about One Direction the most. Chiefly, although rumors about One Direction were rampant, including Harry Styles’ death threats and talk of 1D breaking up, as reported by the Inquisitr, other news about the band proves true via GMA interviews. When Michael Strahan asked Louis Tomlinson about his pending fatherhood, Louis confirmed it was true, as seen in the following videos, along with reactions from his 1D band members.

(Also check the Twitter video link for #1DonGMA videos, since certain videos of Louis confirming his fatherhood are being pulled down as soon as they are uploaded. However, One Direction fans keep uploading more GMA videos of 1D.)

Other Twitter fans are pointing out that Harry Styles had a quiet reaction to Louis’ baby news. Some of those videos are being stripped off of Twitter due to copyright infringement issues — so a check of the link above for the latest One Direction GMA videos should prove fruitful.

Certain Twitter fans are noting Louis’ reaction to being called out for becoming a father, and are discerning a look of probably shame on Tomlinson’s face.

The crowd full of One Direction fans screamed as Louis looked unsure about the topic of his pending fatherhood as it came up.


Soon after Louis confirmed the baby news, fans began sending #congratsLouis tweets into the Twitter world.

Many fans tweeted about the blessings of a new baby, no matter the circumstances — while other One Direction fans didn’t seem happy about the news of Louis becoming a young dad.

Now that the baby news has been confirmed, 1D fans want to know whether to expect a baby girl or baby boy.

Meanwhile, folks on Twitter are wondering if Louis’ baby news was the big announcement promised by GMA to 1D fans.

Other 1D fans are having a hard time envisioning Louis as a dad and all the responsibilities that come with babies. A certain One Direction fan asked to imagine Tomlinson buying baby food and changing diapers.

Some of the videos of Louis’ GMA announcement are being taken down on Twitter, so certain Twitter fans are freaking out that they can’t view the video. However, new videos are continually being loaded onto Twitter of the 1D GMA performance and interviews.

One Direction sang their new hit “Drag Me Down,” a song that was released recently as a surprise and features 1D without Zayn Malik.

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