Sarah Jessica Parker: On Fitting Into Jeans From Her Teens, Her Go-To Outfit And ‘Divorce’

Sarah Jessica Parker is a fashion icon, successful business woman and notable actress who in plain terms is the envy of women around the globe. If all that is not enough, this 50-year-old fashionista admits that she still fits easily into a pair of jeans she wore back in 1983! Parker recently spoke with People Magazine about the vintage find she made while digging through her closet for a family photo.

“They were hilarious looking, they were super high-waisted. They’re a little paper baggy — but I really liked them. They’re a really light wash. I don’t know why I got them or how I got them, but I still have them.”

After all the remarkably classy and elegant ensembles that fans and onlookers have seen SJP in over the years, it is interesting that the Sex and the City star has a very simple go-to outfit which is far removed from any cinched-waist satin gown or rose-colored tutu. Parker shared her simplistic choice for most favorite attire recently with the Huffington Post.

“Jeans and a really great grey sweatshirt. And a really fancy necklace and really fancy shoes! The truth is, I wear jeans probably more than all my other woman friends.”

This business savvy actress, fashionista, mother and wife is getting set to grace our television screens even years after Carrie Bradshaw leaped off it. Parker’s new HBO series Divorce is in the works and is causing quite a stir as SJP’s fans sit by with anticipation as to what sort of fun and entertainment her new character has in store. Sarah will not only be starring in the HBO series but also has taken on the role of producer this time around while affiliated with the network. Pop Sugar relays the latest from HBO execs as to when it is that fans can expect the series to air.

“It’s being written now, and it will premiere next year, in either Summer or Fall. Hey, it’s not exactly a Sex and the City sequel, but SJP + HBO + comedy series? It might as well be, in terms of our excitement!”

As for the plot of the upcoming show, Deadline shared details back in the spring, when news first broke about having been picked up by HBO.

“Divorce, which will film in New York, tells the story of a very, very long divorce. It centers on Frances (Sarah Jessica Parker), a woman who suddenly begins to reassess her life and her marriage, and finds that making a clean break and a fresh start is harder than she thought.”

Whenever this highly anticipated series makes its way to television screens, SJP fans the world over will be ready.

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)