WWE News: John Cena Creating More Opportunities In Hollywood For Himself, Set To Retire Soon?

WWE Superstar John Cena will have two movies this year. One of them was the big summer comedy, Trainwreck. This was seen as a terrific movie for Cena, who is a very comedic person. He fit his role well, and even WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was said to have loved Cena’s performance. Cena will also star in a movie called Sisters later this year, with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. This is yet another comedy for Cena, who seems to excel in this type of role.

John Cena has proven in WWE Films projects that he can play a serious role, but he seems to do far better when he can be loose and have fun in a role. We can probably expect him to get even more roles like the ones he’s had. Hollywood cannot ever seem to have enough action heroes. So, John Cena could easily continue down this road similar to The Rock, who killed at these roles for years.

Cena is seemingly liked a lot by Hollywood right now, and he could be in more roles in the future. So does that mean his WWE career is coming to an end? Yes and no.

According to Daily Wrestling News, Vince McMahon is pretty confident that Cena will stay for a while because he knows Cena sees WWE as his top priority. However, McMahon also realizes that if Cena is continuously offered more roles in Hollywood, he cannot pass up on them. Seeing as he can act and not fall thousands of times for 300 days a year, it makes sense to take the big Hollywood roles.

To make matters worse for McMahon, Cena is reportedly shopping around a reality show independently, away from WWE. It was originally thought he would work with WWE on it, but since WWE already has Total Divas — it seemed unlikely that they would support two reality shows involving John Cena. Scripting that show takes a toll, as you can imagine.

Cena is trying to create more opportunities for himself, and he seems to be doing well at this. There is an idea that Cena might stay with WWE once he gets bigger offers if the WWE decides to give him a lighter schedule, similar to Brock Lesnar’s. John Cena is pretty confident he can get this sort of deal, as he has been bigger for WWE over the years than Lesnar. Plus, WWE wants to keep Cena in any way they can. So, it looks like he’ll be put on this sort of deal once his current contract expires.

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