L.A. Lakers Rumors: Is The Team Really Interested In Signing Baron Davis? – Five Other Teams Interested Too

The Los Angeles Lakers are overstocked with guards at this time and are in serious need of another big man in the frontcourt. Oddly enough, many rumors still going around state that the team is still interested in bringing in another guard for depth. Now, they’re reportedly looking at one that hasn’t played in a while and that is former all-star Baron Davis.

Reports state that the Lakers are only one of six NBA teams who have an interest in the 36-year-old Davis. He is attempting a comeback after suffering a horrific injury which included both a torn MCL and ACL. He also partially tore the patellar tendon in his right knee.

That injury happened in the 2012 playoffs when Davis was playing with the New York Knicks, and he hasn’t been in a game since. He had become an unrestricted free agent in the summer after that season, but has been rehabilitating since then.

If the rumors are true and the L.A. Lakers really do have an interest in Baron Davis, they’ll have to deal with five other teams – Chicago Bulls, Atlanta Hawks, Cleveland Cavaliers, Indiana Pacers, and Brooklyn Nets.

TMZ reported back in February that Davis was planning a comeback to the NBA, and was said to be in talks with a serious playoff contender. Obviously, nothing became of that talk at the time.

Currently, the Lakers are stocked with guards as it is expected that D’Angelo Williams and Jordan Clarkson will start in the backcourt. The team has signed free agent Lou Williams during the offseason to come off the bench.

With as much talent as the Lakers have at guard already, there is even talk that Kobe Bryant could switch positions and play forward during the 2015-2016 season.

Even with all of those guards, the Lakers have gone after or been rumored to be interested in a number of others. They made a play for Ty Lawson and have been connected to talks for Eric Bledsoe, Jose Calderon, and Brandon Jennings.

If Baron Davis is going to get picked up by any NBA team, he has to first prove that he is healthy and can play at a high level. The LA Lakers could take a look at him for his skills and overall leadership, but how exactly would he fit into an already overcrowded backcourt?

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