Bindi Irwin: ‘Sunday Style’ Makeover Shows 17-Year-Old Star Becoming Fashion Icon

Bindi Irwin was featured on the cover of Sunday Style, showing that the 17-year-old daughter of the late Steve Irwin is transforming from nature-loving child to a fashion icon in her own right.

Bindi has followed in the footsteps of her famous father, taking on environmental causes and even hosting her own nature program as a teenager. But Bindi has also been slowly making a name for herself in the fashion world, participating in a number of photo spreads that show off her glamorous style.

The latest fashion kick for Bindi Irwin came in Australia’s Telegraph Sunday Style, where she posed in a flowing black dress and spoke about her passion for nature and for style.

“I want to try different styles,” she told the magazine. “Khaki is a part of who I am, but it’s fun to get dressed up every now and then. Being a bit of a girl is always exciting. You can’t jump on a croc or climb a tree if you’re not in khaki, but I do like different clothes and playing around with it a bit.”

Khaki will always be a part of my heart, but today's issue of @sundaystyle was a privilege to be a part of.

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Bindi has tried to her use fame to empower girls. She hosted a nature show called Bindi’s Bootcamp that featured teams of girls going through wildlife-based challenges that tested their strength and stamina.

Bindi said she ultimately wants to do something to make her father proud.

“That’s my end goal,” she told Us Weekly. “He was like our living, breathing superhero. He was so passionate and clever.”

But as she moved out of her father’s long shadow, Bindi Irwin has begun to build a fan base and a following on social media, where she shared both shots of her holding wild animals and glammed up in makeup.

Bindi Irwin: 'Sunday Style' Makeover Shows That 17-Year-Old Star Is Becoming Fashion Icon

Bindi got plenty of attention for a recent picture she posted of herself in dark liner and lipstick, which she told Sunday Style was a bit of a surprise.

“I was amazed at how much it exploded — I didn’t expect that,” she said. “I really didn’t ever post selfies before, but it occurred to me, after talking to some friends, how much pressure is put on young people to look and act a certain way. We’re all growing up and changing. I wanted to tell young girls — and boys — to stay true to who you are and not let anyone change you. You have to be able to accept yourself and know you’re gorgeous inside [and] out. It’s hard sometimes.”

More photos of Bindi Irwin from her Sunday Style photo shoot can be seen here.

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