WWE Rumors: WWE Teasing Alliance Between The Undertaker And Paul Heyman – Is A Major Heel Turn Coming At ‘SummerSlam’

Everyone is wondering what is going to happen in the match between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam, and it seems like there could be more than just a pinfall victory either way. Some believe that a major swerve or interference could come into play, but would WWE really have Paul Heyman turn on Lesnar and side with The Undertaker?

WWE has a way of loving to swerve people and keeping fans guessing as to what could happen. They certainly don’t want anything spoiled, and that’s why there are so many shocking and not-so-shocking possibilities for the Lesnar/Undertaker match result.

That being said, the company is going to do whatever it can to steer the minds of the fans into different directions. WWE posted a few videos on Monday that is called “The History Between The Undertaker and Paul Heyman,” and it makes people stop and think.

The first video doesn’t really show a whole lot and it is only three minutes long, but it does show one particular thing. No, not the WrestleMania XXX match where Brock Lesnar broke the streak, but the 2004 moment where Undertaker bowed to Paul Heyman and the urn.

There are a number of other videos on the page, and they all showcase different moments in the history of The Undertaker and Paul Heyman. It’s just interesting that Undertaker siding with Heyman is the first video chosen for the page.

Then again, it could mean nothing.

Some of the other videos include an assortment of mayhem-inducing incidents.

  • The Dudley Boyz kidnapping Paul Bearer
  • Paul Heyman giving The Undertaker an ultimatum
  • The Undertaker vs. Paul Heyman and John Heidenreich
  • The Undertaker confronts Paul Heyman after Rey Mysterio/Eddie Guerrero match

All of those videos could be WWE building up the only match on the SummerSlam card and nothing more. Still, The Undertaker siding with Paul Heyman has happened before, and a heel turn isn’t out of the question.

If that did happen, though, it would be interesting to see how Paul Heyman turning on Brock Lesnar is explained. Also, would The Undertaker really go with a heel turn at this late point in his career when he’s not on WWE television every week?

All of this is nothing more than speculation at this point, and it may just be WWE trying to fuel some rumors and throw everyone off course. SummerSlam will take place in less than three weeks, and there is virtually anything that could happen when Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman faces The Undertaker.

[Image via WWE]