Michelle Money Congratulates Lacy Faddoul And Marcus Grodd, Clare Crawley Jokes About Missing Bridesmaid Chance

Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise began with a reminder that love really can be found in paradise. Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd, who met and got engaged on Season 1, surprised everyone by getting married on Day 1 of filming. With host Chris Harrison officiating, the two pledged their love for one another for the rest of their lives in front of a small group of loved ones and the current cast of the Bachelor spin-off show.

Michelle Money, who was on Season 1 with Lacy and Marcus, was quick to tweet her congratulations to the couple.

In response to Michelle’s tweet, Clare Crawley, who returned to the spin-off after not finding love on the first season, joked about not getting the chance to be a bridesmaid at the wedding. Clare asked what happened to their idea of wearing non-taupe bridesmaid dresses.

While Clare didn’t get to wear a bridesmaid dress, her presence was hoped for by Lacy. Before her wedding aired, Lacy tweeted a photo of herself in her wedding dress holding her bouquet. She wrote that she was hoping her ‘bachelor sister’ Clare was there. It’s not clear whether Clare actually got to see Lacy in her wedding finery since she joined the cast later on, after the wedding.


Lacy later tweeted a photo of her and Marcus kissing as the sun goes down after they were pronounced husband and wife.

Lacy thanked the franchise’s fans for supporting her and Marcus.

Early on in the Bachelor in Paradise season premiere episode, host Chris Harrison told the cast that there is “something special” that he wanted them to see. The cast quickly fretted that an elimination rose ceremony was coming already.

“Chris Harrison tells us to expect a surprise. I’m like, oh s***, surprises around here usually bad,” said contestant Ashley Iaconetti.

“Instantly my mind’s – and I think everyone’s – we start thinking, ‘Oh my gosh. Immediate rose ceremony. Like, crap,” said JJ Lane.

Once the cast realized that they’re about to see a couple get married and Marcus Grodd walked out in his wedding suit, they relaxed and got excited for what’s to come.

“You’ve heard so many good stories about them, and everybody thinks they’re the best together. I can’t wait to see this ceremony happen,” said Ashley I.

Ashley Salter talked about Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul’s connection. “They have such an amazing connection. You can literally feel it right now.”

Perhaps it will be single mom Juelia Kinney who will be the next person to find everlasting love from Bachelor in Paradise? After all, she was the one who caught the bouquet. Or perhaps it’ll be Michelle Money, who seems to have reconciled with Season 1 love Cody Sattler? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Michelle and Cody may have even recently filmed a reality TV show together.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images]