Meth Milkshake: Man Sues In-N-Out Burger After Finding Meth Capsules In His Milkshake

A man says he was served a meth milkshake at an In-N-Out Burger in California in March 2014, and he has now filed a lawsuit against the fast food company.

According to Kitchenette, a man named Fred Maldonado says that he ordered a milkshake from the Downey, Calif., In-N-Out, and when he got to the bottom of his chilled drink, he saw a napkin and two capsules. He brought the cup back to the eatery, and was issued an apology, and a certificate for a free burger… but Mr. Maldonado was not satisfied. Perhaps he felt that the manager was far too casual about the whole situation.

Reports indicate that the man brought the remainder of his milkshake to Utica Toxicology Service for testing, and that traces of meth showed up in the results. Naturally, this was extremely alarming — and upsetting. He filed the lawsuit after getting these results, and his story is now going viral.

“[The] Plaintiff did not initially know what there two capsules were, but later testing revealed that they were methamphetamine and that it appeared that they may have been illicitly manufactured,” reads the lawsuit in part.

The meth milkshake made Maldonado nauseous and caused him “severe mental distress,” which is also stated in the lawsuit. It is unknown how much money he is seeking, or what damages he is seeking.

According to Time Magazine, In-N-Out has issued a statement following Maldonado’s court filing. The eatery believes that the man’s claims are “baseless,” but did not comment much beyond that.

“At In-N-Out Burger, we have always served the freshest, highest quality burgers, fries, and drinks and customer safety is one of our highest priorities. We will vigorously defend these baseless claims,” said In-N-Out Burger executive vice president Arnie Wensinger.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, people see this two very different ways. Many believe that the man has every right to sue In-N-Out, and that someone should be held responsible for this carelessness, which could have cost this man his life. Others feels as though the man is trying to take advantage of the situation, and land himself a nice payday. What do you think?

Should the meth milkshake man win this lawsuit? What would you do if you were in his situation?

[Photo by Cam Evans / Wikimedia Commons]