WWE News: Huge Backstage Talk On WWE Superstar Kevin Owens, Vince McMahon Not A Fan

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens made a major debut when he dropped John Cena right in the middle of the ring on WWE Monday Night Raw. He then beat Cena clean at WWE Elimination Chamber. It was an impressive time. However, since this time he has lost to John Cena on more than one occasion and lost his WWE NXT Championship as well.

To no one’s surprise, Owens has been taken down a bit. However, no one truly knew why since Triple H is a big fan of Kevin’s. However, Kevin Dunn is not. This has been the issue.

According to Daily Wrestling News, it’s said that he’s just as polarizing as a lot of the up and coming WWE talents that have early success. It basically means that WWE is not seeing him as anything special. However, there are many backstage who love Kevin Owens. Sadly, there are many who do not.

There continues to be a lot of criticism over his conditioning, which was a problem earlier on. WWE asked him to lose weight before he made his debut, which he did. The same was asked and done by Samoa Joe. Owens is seemingly working quite well in the ring, so issues over his conditioning doesn’t make any sense. However, he is still a bigger guy with a look that is not average of a WWE Superstar. This continues to be the reason for Vince McMahon’s disinterest in him.

His push earlier on seems to have been a Triple H idea, which was getting over well with fans. This is why it seemed that Vince McMahon didn’t have an issue with Owens before. He was also doing quite well in merchandise, which was the main reason for his call-up originally.

While fans continue to support Kevin Owens, it seems management isn’t on his side. This is mainly due to his look, which is a bit stupid in theory. However, it has been a standard WWE has gone by under Vince McMahon, Jr. WWE markets the Hulk Hogan (well, not now) and John Cena type. Even during the Shawn Michaels era on top, he wasn’t actually the top guy even then. This, despite his clear brilliance as an in-ring worker.

Kevin Owens will never be the top guy, this is clear to even the Triple H’s of WWE. However, he can be a huge part of WWE if given the opportunity to prove it. He did this against John Cena, yet it seems even then he hasn’t been given the proper respect by WWE.

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