Seattle Seahawks Think About Future With Bobby Wagner And Russell Wilson Extensions

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and linebacker Bobby Wagner have been shown the money. There is some serious cash being thrown around in Seattle as they make wise investments for the future. The Seahawks finally handled some unfinished business, making it a successful offseason.

First, the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson, as reported by the Seattle Times, agreed to a contract extension worth $87.9 million. His annual salary is slightly over the $21 million per year offer that the Washington Post reported about a week ago. The four-year deal guarantees that the quarterback position is taken care of for the next five seasons.

For Russell Wilson he had to “ignore the noise,” as he told the media upon the announcement of his signing. He spoke as if leaving the Seahawks organization was out of the question. That signing a new deal was a mere formality.

As for Bobby Wagner, the case was a bit more quiet. The stalwart of the linebacking corps never made a peep about his contract status. If there were any rumblings about it, things were silenced by the Russell Wilson contract negotiations. It was not until those talks came to a close that Wagner made his case for more money.

Quiet may suit Wagner just fine. He seems like a lessor name in the Seattle Seahawks defense, but he is just as vital. That explains why Seattle signed him to a four-year extension worth $43 million. The contract will make Bobby Wagner the highest-paid middle linebacker in the NFL.

Wagner expressed his feelings regarding a new deal with reporters during the first day of training camp.

“It’s important to be recognized as one of the best. It’s not up to me. I let the people who get paid to figure that out, figure that out. My job is to go out there and make sure this defense is ran right and that’s the best defense. And it will be the best defense that you guys see on this field — again.”

Bobby Wagner is indeed one of the best in the NFL. The Seattle Seahawks had little choice in satisfying both he and Russell Wilson. This is a team with Super Bowl aspirations. They could ill afford to continue into training camp with unresolved contractual matters looming. That is a distraction that turns a winning team into a team on the wrong side of the playoffs.

The Seattle Seahawks handled more business just a couple of years after taking care of cornerback Richard Sherman and safety Earl Thomas. The signings of Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner were moves needed to happen. Will there be any long-term ramifications for the contract extensions handed out this past weekend? We are a few years from finding out.

[Photo by Kevin Cox/Getty Images Sport]