‘Daddy Dave’ Crash Video Gets 350,000+ Views: ‘Street Outlaws’ Star Rolls Car 6 Times In Crash [Video]

The star of the Discovery Channel show called Street Outlaws nicknamed “Daddy Dave” Comstock was all over the news on Sunday, August 2. That’s because “Daddy Dave” rolled his car no less than six times at the No Prep race, and the harrowing action caught on video is currently going viral.

TMZ called the video of Daddy Dave rolling his car horrific. As is seen in the above video, it was shortly after Dave left the start line that he lost control of his car and slammed into the left-hand side of the barrier and rolled it several times in the air. Dave’s wife updated fans of the Street Outlaws “Daddy” about his condition. Accordingly, while the scary crash could’ve taken Daddy Dave’s life, he is recovering — despite a concussion and a bruised lung

The crash happened when Dave was racing on Saturday evening at the Amarillo Dragway in Texas. When his Chevy II hit the wall and rolled several times, Dave could’ve been killed in such a violent crash. However, the daddy of the Street Outlaws crew miraculously survived the barrel rolls and was taken away in an ambulance. Dave in listed as being in stable condition in the hospital as of Sunday.

The YouTube video of the crash was published on August 2 by BigRob Entertainment, and has swelled to more than 350,000 views in less than 24 hours.

“DaddyDaves unfortunate last ride for Goliath at the No Prep Race in Amarillo. Get well soon buddy, can’t wait to see you out again.”

The comments below the YouTube video prove how much fans care about the man and his well-being.

“What a great group of guys. Hope Dave is alright and makes a speedy recovery.”

Google Trends reports that Daddy Dave has received more than 20,000 searches thus far on Sunday, August 2.

The TMZ report about the incident has been shared more than 8,500 times on Facebook, and has garnered 339 comments in a short time. The TMZ article about Dave’s crash video also appears as one of the hottest URLs at the moment, as chronicled by the “What’s Hot” list tracked by Alexa, an Amazon firm. In the video of the shocking crash of Daddy Dave, the aftermath of the nitrous-fed hot rod crash shows a sliced seatbelt and the type of protective caging seen in Nascar races.

As reported by the Inquisitr, one Street Outlaws star was previously hit with a murder charge for the deaths of bystanders during an illegal street race — but that didn’t involve Dave.

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