50 Cent Is Team Drake In The Meek Mill Vs. Drake Rap Beef

In the midst of heated beef between rappers Drake and Meek Mill, hip hop veterans are popping up left and right to take sides. In 50 Cent’s case, the beef, which was initiated by Meek Mill when he made a shocking statement that Drake has used a ghostwriter throughout his entire career, Drake is the better man. Surprisingly, 50 Cent’s stance is not based on talent at all, but instead is based on business.

According to a recent radio interview on St. Louis 104.1 FM, 50 Cent feels that Meek Mill is acting out a marketing scheme to sell his records.

“Meek Mill is in danger and soon there will be no Meek Mill to save. This is your time to make a change, jokingly reads the site that is actually taking donations.”

Rapper 50 Cent like many others in the industry, is against ghostwriting completely. During his interview, he was asked if he himself has ever employed a secret rhyme writer. While the rapper and business man admitted to sharing bars with fellow G-Unit artists, he claims to have never had writers.

“I wrote everything. One time I took a line [on] ‘Straight To The Bank.’ Because Tony Yayo did the chorus while we were just chilling in the studio he said that. And then I copied the sound that he did—but we in the room, we playing around, we writing. That’s different than somebody writing your song.”

Keeping the interview interesting, 50 Cent of course made a mention of Nicki Minaj who is engaged to Meek Mill but has reportedly broken off the engagement once Meek dissed her fellow Young Money associate Drake. Vibe magazine recently reported that 50 Cent has information that Nicki Minaj was well aware of Drake’s ghostwriter but simply refused to speak about it to the media.

“I would think that he would be conscious of Nicki before he would say something when you know Nicki and Drake have a relationship,” 50 said. “Even if you just heard it randomly, you would be talking to her before you said something publicly about it. Obviously, she shares the same views because she hasn’t responded to it publicly. You don’t know because you’ve got to watch itself play it out, but I would assume that he would’ve said something to her first.”

As rumors have been around for years that Nicki Minaj and Drake had something romantic going on, other people believed that Meek’s diss was purely based on jealously. Many others, including Ja Rule, who years ago had his own beef with fellow veteran 50 Cent, and Joe Budden had something intersting to say about the Meek Mill vs. Drake rap beef.

Once Drake released a response diss track, titled “Charged Up,” and Meek Mill released a follow up, many fans joined in 50 Cent and Joe Budden’s idea that Meek Mill is no comparison to Drake.

[Image via Hip Hop DX]